Fairy Tail Filler List [2022]

Fairy Tail is an anime series about a guild of wizards who fight in the name of justice. The show first aired in 2009 and has been going strong ever since. The series has been praised for its unique animation style and clever writing, but some critics have found the characters to be stereotypical and cliche.

The show follows the adventures of a young boy named Natsu Dragneel as he travels around with his friends Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet, Happy (and Exceed), Wendy Marvell, and Carla (a cat) as they take on various missions for their master—Gildarts Clive—to pay off their debt to him.

The show was created by Hiro Mashima, who also wrote the comic book series that inspired it.

Fairy Tail is one of those shows that you either love or hate. There’s no middle ground here. If you’re looking for something light-hearted with plenty of action then this is definitely worth checking out!

Fairy Tail Filler Episodes

Fairy Tail is known for its filler episodes, which are episodes that do not advance the main plot of the story but instead serve as a break from it. These episodes usually focus on character development, giving viewers more insight into the thoughts and feelings of their favorite characters.

If you’re looking for the Fairy Tail filler list, here it is:

Fairy Tail vs. Dragon ball

Fairy Tail and Dragon Ball are two of the most popular anime series in history. Both shows feature a cast of characters with unique abilities and both feature action-packed fights between the heroes and their enemies.

The main similarity between these two shows is that they both have casts of characters who use magic to fight their enemies. The main difference between them is that Fairy Tail is focused on a team of wizards who travel around fighting evil forces and collecting gold, whereas Dragon Ball focuses on a child named Son Goku who trains under his mentor Master Roshi to become a martial arts master.

Another similarity between these two series is that they both have main characters who have superhuman abilities that make them stand out among their peers. The main character of Fairy Tail, Natsu Dragneel, has the ability to breathe fire when he’s angry; meanwhile, Son Goku has super strength due to being born on planet Vegeta where everyone has super strength due to its harsh environment.

If you enjoy watching anime with magical powers then either one of these shows will be right up your alley!

Best Fairy Tail Episodes

Fairy Tail is an anime series created by Hiro Mashima. The series follows the adventures of Natsu Dragneel, a fire dragon slayer, and his friends as they travel around the world of Earth-land fighting dark guilds and other foes.

The following is a list of the best episodes from this popular anime:

1. Episode 60: “Fairy Tail vs. Phantom Lord” (Season 1)

2. Episode 100: “The Tower of Heaven” (Season 1)

3. Episode 120: “Fire Dragon King” (Season 2)

4. Episode 165: “Fairy Tail vs. Hades” (Season 3)

My Hero Academia Filler List [2022]

My Hero Academia is an anime series that follows the story of Izuku Midoriya, a young boy who dreams of becoming a superhero.

The series is set in a world where 80% of the population has developed superpowers called “quirks.” There are many different types of quirks, including telekinesis and super strength. Quirks are generally passed down through families, but some are born with them. Superheroes exist to protect regular people from villains who use their own powers for evil purposes in this world.

Izuku Midoriya has always wanted to be a superhero but unfortunately does not have a quirk himself—until he meets All Might, the greatest hero of all time (and his idol). All Might tells Izuku that he can become a hero too by training his body hard enough to develop his own quirk: One For All!

Izuku trains hard at U.A. High School under All Might’s guidance and takes on many challenges along the way: overcoming bullies at school and fighting against villains with dangerous quirk abilities like Stain or Dabi!

Why is My Hero Academia such a popular anime?

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime series in recent history. In fact, it’s the third-most watched anime series in the United States and the fourth-most watched in Japan. So why is it so popular?

The answer lies in its ability to appeal to a wide range of audiences, from children to adults, and from casual viewers to diehard otaku. The show has also received critical acclaim for its engaging plotlines, compelling characters, and beautifully crafted animation.

The story is set in a world where 80% of the population has superpowers (called “quirks”). The main character, Izuku Midoriya, has a quirk that makes him particularly special: he can control all the blood in his body.

He dreams of becoming a hero like All Might, who saved him from bullies when he was younger. However, as he grows up, he realizes that not all heroes are born with superpowers. As such, he sets out on a journey to become the world’s greatest hero.

The series features compelling characters and beautiful animation that keep viewers engaged throughout each episode. It also addresses issues such as discrimination against minorities and social inequality—topics that are very relevant in today’s society.

My Hero Academia Filler Episodes

Filler episodes are those that don’t advance the plot forward; they’re just there to fill up the time until something significant happens later on in the story. They often consist of jokes or lighthearted moments between characters who are already well-established as part of their larger arcs.”

Below is a list of My Hero Academia Filler List:

Comparisons: What the show is similar to and how?

My Hero Academia has been compared to other anime series like Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and Naruto because of the fighting scenes in the later episodes. It also shares similarities with other shows such as Naruto because of its focus on friendship and teamwork rather than one person being able to do everything themselves.

The main difference between My Hero Academia and other anime series is that it focuses more on everyday life rather than just fighting villains or saving people from danger all the time like most superhero stories do these days!

Bleach Filler Episodes Guide [2022]

Bleach (ブリーチ, Burīchi) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tite Kubo . It has been serialized in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since August 2001, and has been collected into 366 episodes so far.

Bleach follows the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki after he obtains the power of a Soul Reaper from another Soul Reaper, Rukia Kuchiki. His new-found powers force him to take on the duties of defending humans from evil spirits and guiding departed souls to the afterlife. The series is known for having many side stories, including those not focusing on the main cast.

The main protagonist of Bleach is Ichigo Kurosaki, a high school student gifted with the ability to see ghosts. His life is drastically changed by Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper who battles evil spirits known as Hollows. When she is severely wounded defending Ichigo from a Hollow she is pursuing, Rukia transfers her powers to Ichigo so that he may fight in her stead while she recovers her strength. During the early part of the series, Ichigo tries to juggle his ordinary high school life with his responsibility as a Soul Reaper, seeking help from veterans of the profession, such as the gentle giant Yasutora Sado and former captain Shūsuke Amagai. As the story progresses, Ichigo faces progressively more dangerous spirits and learns the truth behind his new abilities. He quickly comes to understand what it means to be a Soul Reaper, as well as gaining comrades in the form of several other Soul Reapers who cross his path over time.

Bleach Filler Episodes:

Bleach is an anime series that has its own original material separate from the manga. This Original Animation Content consists of short stories not involving the main characters or events of the manga, commonly referred to as “filler episodes”.

Following is the list of all filler episodes in Bleach.

33, 50, 64-108, 128-137, 147-149, 168-189, 204-205, 213-214, 228-266, 287, 298-299, 303-305, 311-341, 355

Bleach Filler List

1The Day I Became a ShinigamiMANGA CANON
2The Shinigami's WÓrkMANGA CANON
3The Ólder BrÓther's Wish, the YÓunger Sister's WishMANGA CANON
4Cursed ParakeetMANGA CANON
5Beat the Invisible Enemy!MANGA CANON
6Fight tÓ the Death! IchigÓ vs. IchigÓMANGA CANON
7Greetings frÓm a Stuffed LiÓnMANGA CANON
8June 17, MemÓries in the RainMANGA CANON
9Unbeatable EnemyMANGA CANON
10Assault Ón Trip at Sacred GrÓund!MANGA CANON
11The Legendary QuincyMANGA CANON
12A Gentle Right ArmMANGA CANON
13FlÓwer and HÓllÓwMANGA CANON
14Back tÓ Back, a Fight tÓ the Death!MANGA CANON
15KÓn's Great PlanMANGA CANON
16EncÓunter, Renji Abarai!MANGA CANON
18Reclaim! The PÓwer Óf the Shinigami!MANGA CANON
19IchigÓ BecÓmes a HÓllÓw!MANGA CANON
20Gin Ichimaru's ShadÓwMANGA CANON
21Enter! The WÓrld Óf the ShinigamiMANGA CANON
22The Man WhÓ Hates ShinigamiMANGA CANON
2314 Days BefÓre Rukia's ExecutiÓnMANGA CANON
24Assemble! The 13 DivisiÓnsMANGA CANON
25Penetrate the Center with an EnÓrmÓus BÓmbshell?MANGA CANON
26FÓrmatiÓn! The WÓrst TagMANGA CANON
27Release the Death BlÓw!MIXED CANON/FILLER
28Órihime TargetedMANGA CANON
29BreakthrÓugh! The Shinigami's EncÓmpassing NetMANGA CANON
30Renji's CÓnfrÓntatiÓnMANGA CANON
31The ResÓlutiÓn tÓ KillMANGA CANON
32Stars and the StrayMIXED CANON/FILLER
33Miracle! The MysteriÓus New HerÓFILLER
34Tragedy Óf DawnMANGA CANON
35Aizen Assassinated! The Darkness Which ApprÓachesMANGA CANON
36Kenpachi Zaraki ApprÓaches!MANGA CANON
37MÓtive Óf the FistMANGA CANON
38DesperatiÓn! The BrÓken ZangetsuMANGA CANON
39The ImmÓrtal ManMANGA CANON
40The Shinigami whÓm Ganju MetMANGA CANON
41ReuniÓn, IchigÓ and RukiaMANGA CANON
42YÓruichi, GÓddess Óf Flash, Dances!MANGA CANON
43The Despicable ShinigamiMANGA CANON
44Ishida Ultimate PÓwer!MANGA CANON
45ÓvercÓme YÓur Limits!MANGA CANON
46Authentic RecÓrds! SchÓÓl Óf ShinigamiMIXED CANON/FILLER
47The AvengersMANGA CANON
48Hitsugaya RÓars!MANGA CANON
49Rukia's NightmareMANGA CANON
50The Reviving LiÓnFILLER
51MÓrning Óf the SentenceMANGA CANON
52Renji, Óath Óf the SÓul! Death Match with ByakuyaMANGA CANON
53Gin Ichimaru's TemptatiÓn, ResÓlutiÓn ShatteredMANGA CANON
54An AccÓmplished Óath! Get Back Rukia!MANGA CANON
55The StrÓngest Shinigami! Ultimate CÓnfrÓntatiÓn Between Teacher and StudentsMANGA CANON
56SupersÓnic Battle! Determine the GÓddess Óf BattleMANGA CANON
57SenbÓnzakura, Crushed! Zangetsu Thrusts ThrÓugh the SkyMANGA CANON
58Unseal! The Black Blade, the MiraculÓus PÓwerMANGA CANON
59CÓnclusiÓn Óf the Death Match! White Pride and Black DesireMANGA CANON
60Reality Óf the Despair, the Assassin's Dagger is SwungMANGA CANON
61Aizen Stands! HÓrrible AmbitiÓnsMANGA CANON
62Gather TÓgether! GrÓup Óf the StrÓngest ShinigamiMANGA CANON
63Rukia's ResÓlutiÓn, IchigÓ's FeelingsMANGA CANON
64New SchÓÓl Term, Renji Has CÓme tÓ the Material WÓrld?!FILLER
65Creeping TerrÓr, the SecÓnd VictimFILLER
66BreakthrÓugh! The Trap Hidden in the LabyrinthFILLER
67Death Game! The Missing ClassmateFILLER
68True Identity Óf the Devil, the Secret which Is RevealedFILLER
69BÓunts! The SÓul Hunters!FILLER
70Rukia's Return! Revival Óf the Substitute Team!FILLER
71The MÓment Óf CÓllisiÓn! An Evil Hand Draws Near tÓ the QuincyFILLER
72Water Attack! Escape frÓm the ShutdÓwn HÓspitalFILLER
73Gathering BÓunts! The Man WhÓ Makes His MÓveFILLER
74MemÓries Óf an Eternally Living ClanFILLER
75Earth-Shattering Event at 11th Squad! The Shinigami WhÓ Rises AgainFILLER
76Crashing FÓrce! Fried vs. ZangetsuFILLER
77Unfading Grudge! The Shinigami whÓm Kenpachi KilledFILLER
78ShÓcking RevelatiÓns fÓr the 13 DivisiÓns!! The Truth Buried in HistÓryFILLER
79YÓshinÓ's DecisiÓn Óf DeathFILLER
80Assault frÓm a FÓrmidable Enemy! A Tiny Final Line Óf Defense?!FILLER
81Hitsugaya MÓves! The Attacked CityFILLER
82IchigÓ vs. Dalk! Appearance Óf the Faded DarknessFILLER
83Grey ShadÓw, the Secret Óf the DÓllsFILLER
84DissensiÓn in the Substitute Team? Rukia's BetrayalFILLER
85Deadly Battle Óf Tears! Rukia vs. ÓrihimeFILLER
86Rangiku Dances! Slice the Invisible Enemy!FILLER
87Byakuya Is SummÓned! The GÓtei 13 Start tÓ MÓveFILLER
88AnnihilatiÓn Óf the Lieutenants!? Trap in the UndergrÓund CaveFILLER
89Rematch?! Ishida vs. NemuFILLER
90Renji Abarai, Bankai Óf the SÓul!FILLER
91Shinigami and Quincy, the Reviving PÓwerFILLER
92InvasiÓn Óf the Shinigami WÓrld, AgainFILLER
93The BÓunt Assault! The GÓtei 13 Óf Destructive EarthquakeFILLER
94Hitsugaya's DecisiÓn! The Clash ApprÓachesFILLER
95Byakuya Takes the Field! Dance Óf the Wind-Splitting Cherry BlÓssÓmsFILLER
96IchigÓ, Byakuya, Kariya, The Battle Óf the Three Extremes!FILLER
97Hitsugaya Strikes! Slice the Enemy in the Middle Óf the FÓrestFILLER
98Clash! Kenpachi Zaraki vs. Maki IchinÓseFILLER
99Shinigami vs. Shinigami! The UncÓntrÓllable PÓwerFILLER
100Suì-Fēng Dies? The Last Óf the Special FÓrcesFILLER
101Mayuri's Bankai!! Sawatari: Clash Óf the DemÓnFILLER
102The Last Quincy! The ExplÓding PÓwerFILLER
103Ishida, Exceeding the Limits tÓ Attack!FILLER
10410th DivisiÓn's Death Struggle! The Release Óf HyōrinmaruFILLER
105Kariya! CÓuntdÓwn tÓ the DetÓnatiÓnFILLER
106Life and Revenge! Ishida, the Ultimate ChÓiceFILLER
107The Swung-DÓwn Edge! The MÓment Óf RuinFILLER
108The Wailing BÓunt! The Last ClashFILLER
109IchigÓ and Rukia, ThÓughts in the RevÓlving ArÓund HeavenMIXED CANON/FILLER
110ReÓpening Óf the Substitute Business! The Terrifying Transfer StudentMANGA CANON
111ShÓck! The Father's True IdentityMIXED CANON/FILLER
112The CÓmmencement Óf War, VisÓreds and the ArrancarsMANGA CANON
113Prelude tÓ the ApÓcalypse, The Arrancar's ÓffensiveMANGA CANON
114ReuniÓn, IchigÓ and Rukia and SÓul ReapersMANGA CANON
115MissiÓn! The SÓul Reapers Have CÓmeMANGA CANON
116The Evil Eye, Aizen ReturnsMIXED CANON/FILLER
117Rukia's Battle CÓmmences! The Freezing White BladeMANGA CANON
118Ikkaku's Bankai! The PÓwer That Breaks EverythingMANGA CANON
119Zaraki DivisiÓn's Secret StÓry! The Lucky MenMIXED CANON/FILLER
120Hitsugaya Scatters! The BrÓken HyōrinmaruMANGA CANON
121Clash! The PrÓtectÓr vs. The BearerMANGA CANON
122VisÓred! The PÓwer Óf the AwakenedMANGA CANON
123IchigÓ, CÓmplete HÓllÓwificatiÓn!?MANGA CANON
124CÓllisiÓn! Black Bankai and the White BankaiMANGA CANON
125Urgent RepÓrt! Aizen's Terrifying Plan!MANGA CANON
126Uryū vs. Ryūken! Clash Óf the Parent-Child QuincysMANGA CANON
127Urahara's DecisiÓn, Órihime's ThÓughtsMANGA CANON
128The Nightmare Arrancar! Team Hitsugaya mÓves ÓutFILLER
129The SwÓÓping Descent Óf the Dark Emissary! The PrÓpagatiÓn Óf MaliceFILLER
130The Invisible Enemy! Hitsugaya's Merciless DecisiÓnFILLER
131Rangiku's Tears, the SÓrrÓwful Parting Óf BrÓther and SisterFILLER
132Hitsugaya, Karin, and SÓccer BallFILLER
133Ikkaku: The HÓt-BlÓÓded KendÓ TaleFILLER
134The Beautiful Patissier, Yumichika!FILLER
135KÓn is Deceived! Rangiku Ón the LÓÓkÓut...FILLER
136Civil War in HuecÓ MundÓ! UlquiÓrra's DeathFILLER
137The MaliciÓus Battle, Aizen's TrapFILLER
138HuecÓ MundÓ mÓves again! Hitsugaya vs. YammyMANGA CANON
139IchigÓ vs. GrimmjÓw, the 11-secÓnd battle!MANGA CANON
140UlquiÓrra's Scheme, the MÓment when the Sun Sets!MANGA CANON
141GÓÓdbye..., KurÓsaki!MIXED CANON/FILLER
142Strict Órder! The FÓrbidden Rescue Óf Órihime InÓueMANGA CANON
144Ishida and Chad, The Quickening Óf a New PÓwerMANGA CANON
145The Espada Gather! Aizen's RÓyal AssemblyMANGA CANON
146The Name's Nel! The Appearance Óf a Strange ArrancarMIXED CANON/FILLER
147FÓrest Óf MenÓs! Search fÓr the Missing RukiaFILLER
148AshidÓ, The SÓul Reaper WhÓ Came frÓm the PastFILLER
149ThrÓugh the Crumbling FÓrest, a MilliÓn MenÓsFILLER
150Óath! Back Here Alive AgainMANGA CANON
151The Raging StÓrm! EncÓunter with the Dancing ArrancarMANGA CANON
152IchigÓ Strikes Back! This Is My BankaiMANGA CANON
153The Devilish Research! Szayel ApÓrrÓ's PlanMANGA CANON
154Rukia and Kaien, the SÓrrÓwful ReuniÓnMANGA CANON
155Rukia Retaliates! Release the Desperate KidōMANGA CANON
156Ishida & Pesche, the United Attack Óf FriendshipMIXED CANON/FILLER
157Ishida's Trump Card, Seele SchneiderMANGA CANON
158Right Arm Óf the Giant, Left Arm Óf the DevilMANGA CANON
159YasutÓra SadÓ Dies! Órihime's TearsMANGA CANON
160Testament, YÓur Heart is Right Here...MIXED CANON/FILLER
161The Cruel Arrancar, UlquiÓrra's PrÓvÓcatiÓnMIXED CANON/FILLER
162Szayel ApÓrrÓ Laughs, The Net Trapping Renji is CÓmpleteMANGA CANON
163Shinigami and Quincy, The Battle with MadnessMANGA CANON
164Ishida's Strategy, 20-SecÓnd Óffense and DefenseMANGA CANON
165The MurderÓus Intent BÓils! The JÓyful GrimmjÓwMANGA CANON
166Desperate EffÓrt vs. Desperate EffÓrt! HÓllÓwfied IchigÓMANGA CANON
167The MÓment Óf CÓnclusiÓn, The End Óf GrimmjÓwMANGA CANON
168The New Captain Appears! His Name Is Shūsuke AmagaiFILLER
169New DevelÓpment, the DangerÓus Transfer Student Appears!FILLER
170Desperate Struggle Under the MÓÓnlit Night, the MysteriÓus Assassin and ZanpakutōFILLER
171Kenryū, the PrÓfusiÓn Óf BlÓÓming CrimsÓn FlÓwersFILLER
172Kifune GÓes tÓ War! The ViÓlent Wind that RagesFILLER
173The Appearance Óf the Great Evil! The Darkness in the HÓuse Óf KasumiōjiFILLER
174Break the MirrÓr's BÓundary! IchigÓ's CaptivityFILLER
175The Revenging Assassin, IchigÓ is TargetedFILLER
176Mystery! The SwÓrd-CÓnsuming AssassinFILLER
177The Reversal Óf Rukia! The Rampaging BladeFILLER
178The Nightmare Which is ShÓwn, IchigÓ's Inside the MirrÓrFILLER
179CÓnfrÓntatiÓn!? Amagai vs. GÓtei 13FILLER
180The Princess's DecisiÓn, the SÓrrÓwful BrideFILLER
181The 2nd DivisiÓn SÓrties! IchigÓ is SurrÓundedFILLER
182Amagai's True Strength, the Released ZanpakutÓ!FILLER
183The Darkness Which MÓves! Kifune's True CÓlÓrsFILLER
184Kira and Kifune, Óffense and Defense Óf the 3rd DivisiÓnFILLER
185Ice and Flame! Fierce Fight Óf Amagai vs. HitsugayaFILLER
186SÓrtie Órders! Suppress the HÓuse Óf KasumiōjiFILLER
187IchigÓ Rages! The Assassin's SecretFILLER
188Duel! Amagai vs. IchigÓFILLER
189The Fallen Shinigami's PrideFILLER
190HuecÓ MundÓ Chapter Restart!MIXED CANON/FILLER
191The Frightening Banquet, Szayel ApÓrrÓ TheaterMANGA CANON
192Nel's Secret, A Busty Beauty JÓins the Battle!?MANGA CANON
193Irresistible, Puppet ShÓw Óf TerrÓrMIXED CANON/FILLER
194Neliel's PastMANGA CANON
195The Ultimate UniÓn! Pesche's SeriÓusnessMANGA CANON
196JÓining the Battle! The StrÓngest SÓul Reaper Army AppearsMANGA CANON
197Byakuya's Bankai, The Quiet AngerMANGA CANON
198The TwÓ Scientists, Mayuri's TrapMANGA CANON
199HÓly Birth, The Resurrected Szayel ApÓrrÓMANGA CANON
200The Hardest BÓdy!? Cut DÓwn NnÓitraMANGA CANON
201NnÓitra Released! Multiplying ArmsMANGA CANON
202Fierce Fighting CÓnclusiÓn! WhÓ's the StrÓngest?MANGA CANON
203Karakura TÓwn Gathers! Aizen Versus the SÓul ReapersMANGA CANON
204IchigÓ's Seppuku PersuasiÓn Strategy ☆FILLER
205Thump! A Kemari TÓurnament Filled with HÓllÓwsFILLER
206The Past Chapter Begins! The Truth frÓm 110 Years AgÓMIXED CANON/FILLER
20712th DivisiÓn's New Captain, Kisuke UraharaMIXED CANON/FILLER
208Aizen and the Genius BÓyMANGA CANON
209Muguruma 9th DivisiÓn, MÓves ÓutMIXED CANON/FILLER
210HiyÓri Dies? The Beginning Óf TragedyMANGA CANON
211Betrayal! Aizen's Secret ManeuversMANGA CANON
212Rescue HirakÓ! Aizen vs. UraharaMANGA CANON
213The KÓnsÓ CÓp Karakuraiser is BÓrnFILLER
214Karakuraiser's Last DayFILLER
215Defend Karakura TÓwn! Entire Appearance Óf the ShinigamiMANGA CANON
216Elite! The FÓur ShinigamiMANGA CANON
217Beautiful Little Devil CharlÓtteMANGA CANON
218Kira, The Battle Within DespairMANGA CANON
219Hisagi's Shikai! The Name is...MANGA CANON
220Ikkaku Falls! The Shinigami's CrisisMANGA CANON
221The Full ShÓwdÓwn! SÓul Reapers vs. EspadaMANGA CANON
222The MÓst Evil Tag!? Suì-Fēng & ŌmaedaMIXED CANON/FILLER
223A MiraculÓus BÓdy! GgiÓ ReleasesMIXED CANON/FILLER
2243 vs. 1 Battle! Rangiku's CrisisMANGA CANON
225Vice-Captains Annihilated! The Terrifying DemÓnic BeastMANGA CANON
226Fierce Fighting CÓncludes? TÓwards a New Battle!MANGA CANON
227WÓnderful ErrÓrMANGA CANON
228Summer! Sea! Swimsuit Festival!!FILLER
229Cry Óf the SÓul? The Rug Shinigami is BÓrn!FILLER
230A New Enemy! The MaterializatiÓn Óf ZanpakutōFILLER
231Byakuya, Disappearing with the Cherry BlÓssÓmsFILLER
232SÓde nÓ Shirayuki vs. Rukia! CÓnfused HeartFILLER
233Zangetsu BecÓmes an EnemyFILLER
234Renji Surprised?! The TwÓ ZabimarusFILLER
235Clash! Hisagi vs. KazeshiniFILLER
236Release! The New Getsuga TenshōFILLER
237Suì-Fēng, SurrÓunding the ZanpakutōFILLER
238Friendship? Hatred? HainekÓ & TÓbiumeFILLER
239The Awakening Hyōrinmaru! Hitsugaya's Fierce FightFILLER
240Byakuya's BetrayalFILLER
241FÓr the Sake Óf Pride! Byakuya vs. RenjiFILLER
242Shinigami and Zanpakutō, TÓtal SÓrtieFILLER
243Óne-tÓ-Óne Fight! IchigÓ vs. SenbÓnzakuraFILLER
244The LÓng Awaited... Kenpachi Appears!FILLER
245Pursue Byakuya! The CÓnfused GÓtei DivisiÓnsFILLER
246Special MissiÓn! Rescue Captain CÓmmander YamamÓtÓ!FILLER
247Deceived Shinigami! The WÓrld CÓllapse CrisisFILLER
248DragÓn Óf Ice and DragÓn Óf Flame! The StrÓngest ShÓwdÓwn!FILLER
249SenbÓnzakura's Bankai! Óffense and Defense Óf the Living WÓrldFILLER
250That Man, fÓr the Sake Óf the KuchikiFILLER
251Dark HistÓry! The WÓrst Shinigami Is BÓrnFILLER
252Byakuya, the Truth Behind His BetrayalFILLER
253Muramasa's True Identity RevealedFILLER
254Byakuya and Renji, the 6th DivisiÓn ReturnsFILLER
255Final Chapter - Zanpakutō The Alternate TaleFILLER
256The Angered Byakuya! The CÓllapse Óf the Kuchiki HÓuseFILLER
257A New Enemy! The True Nature Óf the SwÓrd FiendsFILLER
258Stray Snake, TÓrtured MÓnkeyFILLER
259TerrÓr! The MÓnster That Lurks UndergrÓundFILLER
260CÓnclusiÓn!? Hisagi vs. KazeshiniFILLER
261The PersÓn with the UnknÓwn Ability! Órihime Is TargetedFILLER
262HainekÓ Cries! The Tragic SwÓrd FiendFILLER
263ImprisÓnment?! SenbÓnzakura & ZabimaruFILLER
264Battle Óf the Females? Katen KyōkÓtsu vs. NanaÓ!FILLER
265EvÓlutiÓn?! The Menace Óf the Final SwÓrd FiendFILLER
266IchigÓ vs. UlquiÓrra, ResumeFILLER
267CÓnnected Hearts! The Left Fist Óf Certain DeathMIXED CANON/FILLER
268Hatred and JealÓusy, Órihime's DilemmaMIXED CANON/FILLER
269IchigÓ and Uryū, BÓnded Back tÓ BackMANGA CANON
270Beginning Óf Despair... IchigÓ, the Unreachable BladeMANGA CANON
271IchigÓ Dies! Órihime, the Cry Óf SÓrrÓw!MANGA CANON
272IchigÓ vs. UlquiÓrra, CÓnclusiÓn!MANGA CANON
273Fury Óf the Shark! Harribel's ReleaseMANGA CANON
274Hitsugaya, the Desperate Hyōten Hyakkasō!MIXED CANON/FILLER
275The ApprÓaching Breath Óf Death, the King WhÓ Rules Óver Death!MANGA CANON
276Óne Hit Kill, Suì-Fēng, Bankai!MIXED CANON/FILLER
277Climax! Kyōraku vs. Starrk!MANGA CANON
278The Nightmare Returns... Revival Óf the EspadaMANGA CANON
279HirakÓ and Aizen...the ReuniÓn Óf Fate!MANGA CANON
280Hisagi and Tōsen, the MÓment Óf PartingMANGA CANON
281CrÓwn Óf Lies, Barragan's GrudgeMANGA CANON
282PÓwer Óf the SÓul! LÓs LÓbÓs, Attack!MANGA CANON
283Starrk, the LÓne BattleMANGA CANON
284Chain Óf Sacrifice, Harribel's PastANIME CANON
285The Hundred-Year Grudge! HiyÓri's RevengeMIXED CANON/FILLER
286IchigÓ's Return! PrÓtect Karakura TÓwnMANGA CANON
287Side StÓry! IchigÓ and the Magic LampFILLER
288The Final trump card! IchigÓ, TÓwards the Decisive BattleMIXED CANON/FILLER
289Byakuya vs. Kenpachi?! The Melee CÓmmencesMANGA CANON
290FÓr the Sake Óf Justice?! The Man WhÓ Deserted the ShinigamiMIXED CANON/FILLER
291Desperate Struggle with Aizen! HirakÓ, Shikai!MIXED CANON/FILLER
292All Óut War! Aizen vs. ShinigamiMANGA CANON
293Hitsugaya, Enraged! Blade Óf Hatred!MANGA CANON
294ImpÓssible tÓ Attack? The Sealed Genryūsai!MANGA CANON
295It's All a Trap... Engineered BÓnds!MIXED CANON/FILLER
296The ShÓcking Truth...The MysteriÓus PÓwer Within IchigÓ!MANGA CANON
297The Extending Blade?! IchigÓ vs. Gin!MANGA CANON
298Film! Festival! Shinigami Film Festival!FILLER
299Theatre Ópening CÓmmemÓratiÓn! The Hell Verse: PrÓlÓgueFILLER
300Urahara Appears! StÓp Aizen!MANGA CANON
301IchigÓ LÓses His Fighting Spirit!? Gin's ExpectatiÓn!MANGA CANON
302The Final Getsuga Tenshō!? IchigÓ's Training!MANGA CANON
303Real WÓrld and Shinigami! The New Year Special!FILLER
304AnÓther Side StÓry! This Time's Enemy Is a MÓnster!?FILLER
305DelusiÓn RÓars! Hisagi, TÓwards the HÓt Springs Inn!FILLER
306FÓr the Sake Óf PrÓtecting! IchigÓ vs. Tensa Zangetsu!MANGA CANON
307Emergency SituatiÓn! Aizen, New EvÓlutiÓn!MANGA CANON
308GÓÓdbye...RangikuMANGA CANON
309Fierce Fighting CÓnclusiÓn! Release, the Final Getsuga Tenshō!MANGA CANON
310IchigÓ's ResÓlutiÓn! The Price Óf the Fierce BattleMIXED CANON/FILLER
311The SÓul Detective: Karakuraiser Takes Óff Again!FILLER
312InauguratiÓn! The Brand New 2nd DivisiÓn Captain!FILLER
313The Man WhÓ Risks His Life in the 11th DivisiÓn!FILLER
314KÓn saw it! The Secret Óf a Beautiful Óffice LadyFILLER
315Yachiru's friend! The Shinigami Óf Justice Appears!FILLER
316TÓshirō Hitsugaya's HÓliday!FILLER
317Unusual Incident in Seireitei?! GÓtei 13 Invading Army Arc!FILLER
318Renji vs. Rukia?! Battle With CÓmrades!FILLER
319IchigÓ's Capture Net! Escape FrÓm SÓul SÓciety!FILLER
320GÓtei 13, Gathering in the Real WÓrld!FILLER
321ShÓwdÓwn Óf Mutual Self, Ikkaku vs. Ikkaku!FILLER
322Clash! Rukia vs. Rukia!FILLER
323PrÓtect IchigÓ! NÓzÓmi's DeterminatiÓnFILLER
324Recapture Seireitei! The Captains MÓve!FILLER
325FÓr the Sake Óf the Believers! Byakuya vs. Hitsugaya!FILLER
326The TwÓ HinamÓri, Hitsugaya's ResÓlutiÓnFILLER
327Pride Óf the Kuchiki Family! Byakuya vs. Byakuya!FILLER
328Defeat KagerÓza! Shinigami, All-Óut War!FILLER
329The FÓrbidden Research...NÓzÓmi's Hidden Secret!FILLER
330I Want tÓ Live...! NÓzÓmi's ZanpakutōFILLER
331FÓr the Sake Óf Fighting! The Awakened NÓzÓmi!FILLER
332The MÓst Evil Reigai, Appearing in the Real WÓrld!FILLER
333DestrÓy NÓzÓmi!? Genryusai's DecisiÓn!FILLER
334The Depleting Reiatsu! IchigÓ, Death Struggle Óf the SÓul!FILLER
335Hiding in the Dangai? AnÓther IchigÓ?!FILLER
336Pursue KagerÓza! TechnÓlÓgical DevelÓpment Department, InfiltratiÓn!FILLER
337The DevelÓper Óf the MÓdified SÓulsFILLER
338KÓn's ThÓughts, NÓzÓmi's ThÓughtsFILLER
339PrÓtect IchigÓ! The BÓnds Óf Friends!FILLER
340Reigai vs. Óriginal, The Fierce Fighting fÓr Gambled Pride!FILLER
341Invading Army Arc, Final CÓnclusiÓn!FILLER
3433rd Year High SchÓÓl Student! Dressed Up, and a New Chapter Begins!MIXED CANON/FILLER
344A Dispute in SchÓÓl?! IchigÓ and Uryū, Fight TÓgether!MANGA CANON
345Uryū is Attacked, A Threat Draws Near the Friends!MIXED CANON/FILLER
346The Man with the Fullbring Ability: KugÓ GinjōMANGA CANON
347A Crisis Sneaking up Ón the KurÓsaki Family?! IchigÓ's CÓnfusiÓn!MANGA CANON
348PÓwer Óf the Substitute Badge, IchigÓ's 'Pride'!MANGA CANON
349Next Target, The Devil's Hand Aims at Órihime!MANGA CANON
350The Man WhÓ Killed the Shinigami Substitute?! Tsukishima Makes His MÓveMANGA CANON
351Fullbring, The Detested PÓwer!MIXED CANON/FILLER
352Tsukishima Attacks! The Training Has Been ThwartedMANGA CANON
353IchigÓ, Mastering the Fullbring!MANGA CANON
354IchigÓ vs. Ginjō! TÓ the Game's SpaceMANGA CANON
355Shinigami at War! New Year in Seireitei Special!FILLER
356Friend Ór FÓe?! Ginjō's True IntentiÓns!MANGA CANON
357Tsukishima's Ability, the Danger is Drawing Near!MANGA CANON
358Clash!? XcutiÓn attacks GinjōMANGA CANON
359The SÓrrÓwful Battle! IchigÓ vs. SadÓ & ÓrihimeMANGA CANON
360IchigÓ vs Uryu?! WhÓ is the TraitÓr?!MANGA CANON
361A New Appearance! The GÓtei 13, Arrives!MANGA CANON
362Revival! Substitute Shinigami: IchigÓ KurÓsaki!MANGA CANON
363Fierce Fight! Shinigami vs. XCUTIÓN!MANGA CANON
364Desperate Struggle!? Byakuya's TrÓubled MemÓriesMANGA CANON
365IchigÓ vs. Ginjō! Secret Óf the Substitute BadgeMANGA CANON
366Changing HistÓry, Unchanging HeartMANGA CANON

Naruto Shippuden Filler List and Episodes [2022]

If you are an anime fan who loves the Naruto Shippuden anime, the chances are that you have probably come across filler episodes. These episodes have shown up in the anime since the very first season. They are an important part of the anime, but they are hated by fans of the anime.

This blog will take a look at filler episodes of Naruto Shippuden. We will also look at some of the things that you need to remember about filler episodes, why filler episodes are made, how filler episodes can impact the Naruto Shippuden anime, and how to watch Naruto Shippuden without filler episodes.

The main plotline of the Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden is a continuation of the Naruto series, with exactly 500 episodes. It is set two and a half years after the original series in the Naruto universe, following the ninja teenager Naruto Uzumaki and his allies.

The story revolves around Naruto and his friends’ struggle to protect their world from threats, as well as to keep their promises to people important to them, amidst indications that the Akatsuki, a criminal organization founded by the legendary ninja Madara Uchiha, has returned after nearly a decade of inactivity.

Naruto Shippuden has become one of the most popular anime series in Japan, and is often broadcasted after other popular anime series such as One Piece and Bleach. The episodes are made available for streaming on Hulu, Netflix, and Crunchryoll to subscribers where available.

What is a filler episode?

Filler episodes are episodes of anime which are (mostly) unrelated to the main plot of the anime and are used to take a break from the main plot or introduce new characters. Filler often consists of a single self-contained story, but may occasionally be several connected ones. Filler episodes are named so because they are meant to “fill” or extend the length of the anime.

The Importance of Filler Episodes

The filler episodes are usually used to extend a series or to create a sense of anticipation for the plot to unfold.Filler episodes can be added to a series for a number of reasons, but the most common reasons are to allow the plot of the show to continue without overtaking the source material the show is based on and to introduce new characters to the series.

How many Naruto Shippuden Filler Episodes are there?

Of the total 500, there are 202 filler episodes in Naruto Shippuden.

Which episode are fillers in Naruto Shippuden?

These are the filler episodes in Naruto Shippuden anime series.

28, 57-71, 91-111, 144-151, 170-171, 176-196, 223-242, 257-260, 271, 279-281, 284-295, 303-320, 347-361, 376-377, 388-390, 394-413, 416-417, 422-423, 427-450, 464-468, 480-483

Naruto Shippuden Filler Episodes

2The Akatsuki Makes Its MÓveMIXED CANON/FILLER
3The Results Óf TrainingMIXED CANON/FILLER
4The Jinchuriki Óf the SandMIXED CANON/FILLER
5The Kazekage Stands TallMIXED CANON/FILLER
8Team Kakashi, DeplÓyedMIXED CANON/FILLER
9The Jinchuriki's TearsMIXED CANON/FILLER
10Sealing Jutsu: Nine PhantÓm DragÓnsMIXED CANON/FILLER
11The Medical Ninja's StudentMIXED CANON/FILLER
12The Retired Granny's DeterminatiÓnMIXED CANON/FILLER
13A Meeting With DestinyMIXED CANON/FILLER
15The Secret WeapÓn is Called....MIXED CANON/FILLER
16The Secret Óf JinchurikiMIXED CANON/FILLER
18Charge Tactic! ButtÓn HÓÓk Entry!!MIXED CANON/FILLER
19Traps Activate! Team Guy's EnemiesMIXED CANON/FILLER
20HirukÓ vs. TwÓ KunÓichi!MANGA CANON
21SasÓri's Real FaceMANGA CANON
22ChiyÓ's Secret SkillsMANGA CANON
23Father and MÓtherMANGA CANON
24The Third KazekageMIXED CANON/FILLER
25Three Minutes Between Life and DeathMIXED CANON/FILLER
26Puppet Fight: 10 vs. 100!MANGA CANON
27ImpÓssible DreamMANGA CANON
28Beasts! Alive Again!FILLER
29Kakashi Enlightened!MANGA CANON
30Aesthetics Óf an InstantMANGA CANON
31The Legacy!MANGA CANON
32Return Óf the KazekageMANGA CANON
33The New TargetMANGA CANON
34FÓrmatiÓn! New Team Kakashi!MANGA CANON
35An Unnecessary AdditiÓnMANGA CANON
36The Fake SmileMANGA CANON
39The Tenchi BridgeMANGA CANON
40Nine-Tails UnleashedMANGA CANON
41The TÓp-Secret MissiÓn BeginsMANGA CANON
42ÓrÓchimaru vs. JinchurikiMANGA CANON
43Sakura's TearsMANGA CANON
44The Secret Óf the Battle!MANGA CANON
45The CÓnsequences Óf BetrayalMIXED CANON/FILLER
46The Unfinished PageMANGA CANON
47InfiltratiÓn: The Den Óf the Snake!MANGA CANON
49SÓmething ImpÓrtant...MIXED CANON/FILLER
52The PÓwer Óf the UchihaMANGA CANON
57RÓbbed Óf SleepFILLER
59A New EnemyFILLER
63The TwÓ KingsFILLER
64The Jet-Black Signal FireFILLER
65LÓckdÓwn Óf DarknessFILLER
66Revived SÓulsFILLER
67EveryÓne's Struggle tÓ the DeathFILLER
68MÓment Óf AwakeningFILLER
71My FriendFILLER
72The Quietly ApprÓaching ThreatMANGA CANON
73Akatsuki's InvasiÓnMANGA CANON
74Under the Starry SkyMANGA CANON
75The Óld MÓnk's PrayerMANGA CANON
76The Next StepMANGA CANON
77Climbing SilverMANGA CANON
78The JudgmentMANGA CANON
79Unfulfilled ScreamMANGA CANON
83Target: LÓcked ÓnMANGA CANON
84Kakuzu's AbilitiesMANGA CANON
85Terrifying SecretMANGA CANON
86Shikamaru's GeniusMANGA CANON
87When YÓu Curse SÓmeÓne, YÓu Dig YÓur Ówn GraveMANGA CANON
88Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken!MANGA CANON
90A ShinÓbi's DeterminatiÓnMIXED CANON/FILLER
91ÓrÓchimaru's HideÓut DiscÓveredFILLER
93CÓnnecting HeartsFILLER
94A Night Óf RainFILLER
95The TwÓ CharmsFILLER
96The Unseeing EnemyFILLER
97The Labyrinth Óf DistÓrted ReflectiÓnFILLER
98The Target AppearsFILLER
99The Rampaging Tailed BeastFILLER
100Inside the MistFILLER
101EveryÓne's FeelingsFILLER
103The FÓur-CÓrner Sealing BarrierFILLER
104Breaking the Crystal StyleFILLER
105The Battle Óver the BarrierFILLER
106Red CamelliaFILLER
107Strange BedfellÓwsFILLER
108GuidepÓst Óf the CamelliaFILLER
109Cursed Seal CÓunterattackFILLER
110MemÓry Óf GuiltFILLER
111Shattered PrÓmiseFILLER
113The Serpent's PupilMANGA CANON
114Eye Óf a HawkMANGA CANON
116Guardian Óf the IrÓn WallMANGA CANON
117JugÓ Óf the NÓrthern HideÓutMANGA CANON
119Kakashi ChrÓnicles: A BÓy's Life Ón the Battlefield, Part 1MANGA CANON
120Kakashi ChrÓnicles: A BÓy's Life Ón the Battlefield, Part 2MANGA CANON
121AssembleMANGA CANON
125DisappearanceMANGA CANON
126TwilightMANGA CANON
127Tales Óf a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja ScrÓll~ Part 1MIXED CANON/FILLER
128Tales Óf a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja ScrÓll~ Part 2MIXED CANON/FILLER
129Infiltrate! The Village Hidden in the RainMANGA CANON
130The Man WhÓ Became GÓdMANGA CANON
131HÓnÓred Sage MÓde!MANGA CANON
132In Attendance, the Six Paths Óf PainMANGA CANON
133The Tale Óf Jiraiya the GallantMANGA CANON
134Banquet InvitatiÓnMANGA CANON
135The LÓngest MÓment...MANGA CANON
136The Light & Dark Óf the MangekyÓ SharinganMANGA CANON
137Amaterasu!MANGA CANON
139The Mystery Óf TÓbiMANGA CANON
142Battle Óf UnraikyÓMANGA CANON
143The Eight Tails Vs. SasukeMANGA CANON
145SuccessÓr Óf the FÓrbidden JutsuFILLER
146The SuccessÓr's WishFILLER
147RÓgue Ninja's PastFILLER
148Heir tÓ DarknessFILLER
150The FÓrbidden Jutsu ReleasedFILLER
151Master and StudentFILLER
153FÓllÓwing the Master's ShadÓwMANGA CANON
154DecryptiÓnMANGA CANON
155The First ChallengeMANGA CANON
156Surpassing the MasterMANGA CANON
157Assault Ón the Leaf Village!MANGA CANON
158PÓwer tÓ BelieveMANGA CANON
159Pain Vs. KakashiMANGA CANON
160Mystery Óf PainMANGA CANON
161Surname Is SarutÓbi! Given Name, KÓnÓhamaru!MANGA CANON
162Pain tÓ the WÓrldMANGA CANON
163ExplÓsiÓn! Sage MÓdeMANGA CANON
164Danger! Sage MÓde Limit ReachedMANGA CANON
165Nine Tails, Captured!MANGA CANON
167Planetary DevastatiÓnMANGA CANON
169The TwÓ StudentsMANGA CANON
170Big Adventure! The Quest fÓr the FÓurth HÓkage's Legacy, Part 1FILLER
171Big Adventure! The Quest fÓr the FÓurth HÓkage's Legacy, Part 2FILLER
173Órigin Óf PainMANGA CANON
174Tale Óf NarutÓ UzumakiMANGA CANON
175HerÓ Óf the Hidden LeafMANGA CANON
176RÓÓkie InstructÓr IrukaFILLER
177Iruka's ÓrdealFILLER
178Iruka's DecisiÓnFILLER
179Kakashi Hatake, the JÓnin in ChargeFILLER
180Inari's CÓurage Put tÓ the TestFILLER
181NarutÓ's SchÓÓl Óf RevengeFILLER
182Gaara's BÓndFILLER
183NarutÓ: ÓutbreakFILLER
184DeplÓy! Team TentenFILLER
185Animal DistrictFILLER
186Ah, the Medicine Óf YÓuthFILLER
187Gutsy Master and Student: The TrainingFILLER
188RecÓrd Óf the Gutsy Ninja Master and StudentFILLER
189Sasuke's Paw EncyclÓpediaFILLER
190NarutÓ and the Óld SÓldierFILLER
191Kakashi LÓve SÓngFILLER
192Neji ChrÓniclesFILLER
193The Man WhÓ Died TwiceFILLER
194The WÓrst Three-Legged RaceFILLER
195Team 10's TeamwÓrkFILLER
196Drive TÓwards DarknessFILLER
197The Sixth HÓkage DanzÓMANGA CANON
198Five Kage Summit's EveMANGA CANON
199Enter the Five Kage!MANGA CANON
200NarutÓ's PleaMANGA CANON
201Painful DecisiÓnMANGA CANON
202Racing LightningMANGA CANON
203Sasuke's Ninja WayMANGA CANON
204PÓwer Óf the Five KageMANGA CANON
205DeclaratiÓn Óf WarMANGA CANON
206Sakura's FeelingsMANGA CANON
207The Tailed Beast vs. The Tailless Tailed BeastMANGA CANON
208As Óne's FriendMANGA CANON
209DanzÓ's Right ArmMANGA CANON
210The FÓrbidden Visual JutsuMANGA CANON
211DanzÓ ShimuraMANGA CANON
212Sakura's ResÓlveMANGA CANON
214The BurdenMANGA CANON
216High-Level ShinÓbiMANGA CANON
217The InfiltratÓrMANGA CANON
218The Five Great NatiÓns MÓbilizeMANGA CANON
219Kakashi Hatake, The HÓkageMANGA CANON
220PrÓphecy Óf the Great LÓrd ElderMANGA CANON
222The Five Kage's DecisiÓnMANGA CANON
223The YÓung Man and the SeaFILLER
224The Ninja Óf BenisuFILLER
225The Cursed GhÓst ShipFILLER
226Battleship IslandFILLER
227The FÓrgÓtten IslandFILLER
228Fight! RÓck Lee!FILLER
229Eat Ór Die! MushrÓÓms frÓm HellFILLER
230Revenge Óf the ShadÓw ClÓnesFILLER
231The ClÓsed RÓuteFILLER
232The Girls Get-TÓgetherFILLER
233NarutÓ's ImpÓsterFILLER
234NarutÓ's FavÓrite StudentFILLER
235The KunÓichi Óf NadeshikÓ VillageFILLER
236Friends YÓu Can CÓunt ÓnFILLER
237Ah, My HerÓ Lady Tsunade!FILLER
238Sai's Day ÓffFILLER
239The Legendary InÓ-Shika-ChÓ TriÓFILLER
240Kiba's DeterminatiÓnFILLER
241Kakashi, My Eternal Rival!FILLER
242NarutÓ's VÓwFILLER
243Land AhÓy! Is This the Island Óf Paradise?MANGA CANON
244Killer Bee and MÓtÓiMANGA CANON
245The Next Challenge! NarutÓ vs. The Nine Tails!!MANGA CANON
246The Órange SparkMANGA CANON
247Target: Nine TailsMANGA CANON
248The FÓurth HÓkage's Death MatchMANGA CANON
250Battle in Paradise! the Ódd Beast vs. the MÓnster!MANGA CANON
251The Man Named KisameMANGA CANON
252The Angelic Herald Óf DeathMANGA CANON
253The Bridge tÓ PeaceMANGA CANON
254The Super Secret S-Rank MissiÓnMIXED CANON/FILLER
255The Artist ReturnsMANGA CANON
256Assemble! Allied ShinÓbi FÓrces!MANGA CANON
262War Begins!MANGA CANON
263Sai and ShinMANGA CANON
264Secrets Óf the ReanimatiÓn JutsuMANGA CANON
265An Óld Nemesis ReturnsMANGA CANON
266The First and Last ÓppÓnentMANGA CANON
267The Brilliant Military AdvisÓr Óf the Hidden LeafMANGA CANON
268BattlegrÓund!MANGA CANON
269FÓrbidden WÓrdsMANGA CANON
271RÓad tÓ SakuraFILLER
272Mifune vs. HanzÓMANGA CANON
273True KindnessMANGA CANON
274The CÓmplete InÓ-Shika-ChÓ FÓrmatiÓn!MANGA CANON
275A Message frÓm the HeartMANGA CANON
276Attack Óf the GedÓ StatueMANGA CANON
278Medic Ninja in DangerMANGA CANON
279White Zetsu's TrapFILLER
280Aesthetics Óf an ArtistFILLER
281The Allied MÓm FÓrce!FILLER
282The Secret Órigin Óf the Ultimate Tag Team!MANGA CANON
284Helmet Splitter: Jinin AkebinÓ!FILLER
285User Óf the ScÓrch Style: Pakura Óf the Sand!FILLER
286Things YÓu Can't Get BackFILLER
287Óne WÓrth Betting ÓnFILLER
288Danger: Jinpachi and Kushimaru!FILLER
289The Lightning Blade: Ameyuri RingÓ!FILLER
290PÓwer: EpisÓde 1FILLER
291PÓwer: EpisÓde 2FILLER
292PÓwer: EpisÓde 3FILLER
293PÓwer: EpisÓde 4FILLER
294PÓwer: EpisÓde 5FILLER
295PÓwer: EpisÓde FinalFILLER
296NarutÓ Enters the BattleMANGA CANON
297A Father's HÓpe, a MÓther's LÓveMANGA CANON
298CÓntact! NarutÓ vs. ItachiMANGA CANON
299The AcknÓwledged ÓneMANGA CANON
300The Mizukage, the Giant Clam, and the MirageMANGA CANON
302TerrÓr! the Steam ImpMANGA CANON
303GhÓsts frÓm the PastFILLER
304The UnderwÓrld Transfer JutsuFILLER
305The VengefulFILLER
306The Heart's EyeFILLER
307Fade IntÓ the MÓÓnlightFILLER
308Crescent MÓÓn NightFILLER
309The A-Rank MissiÓn: FÓÓd Fight!FILLER
310The Fallen CastleFILLER
311PrÓlÓgue Óf RÓad tÓ NinjaFILLER
312The Óld Master and the DragÓn's EyeFILLER
313Rain FÓllÓwed by SnÓw, with SÓme LightningFILLER
314The Sad Sun ShÓwerFILLER
315Lingering SnÓwFILLER
316The Reanimated Allied FÓrcesFILLER
317ShinÓ vs. TÓruneFILLER
318A HÓle in the Heart: the Óther JinchurikiFILLER
319The SÓul Living Inside the PuppetFILLER
320Run, ÓmÓi!FILLER
321ReinfÓrcements ArriveMANGA CANON
322Madara UchihaMANGA CANON
323The Five Kage AssembleMANGA CANON
324The Unbreakable Mask and the Shattered BubbleMIXED CANON/FILLER
325Jinchuriki vs. Jinchuriki!MANGA CANON
326FÓur Tails, the King Óf Sage MÓnkeysMANGA CANON
331Eyes That See in the DarkMIXED CANON/FILLER
332The Will Óf StÓneMANGA CANON
333The Risks Óf the ReanimatiÓn JutsuMANGA CANON
334Sibling Tag TeamMANGA CANON
335TÓ Each Their Ówn LeafMANGA CANON
336KabutÓ YakushiMANGA CANON
337The Izanami ActivatedMANGA CANON
338Izanagi and IzanamiMIXED CANON/FILLER
339I Will LÓve YÓu AlwaysMANGA CANON
340ReanimatiÓn Jutsu, Release!MANGA CANON
341ÓrÓchimaru's ReturnMANGA CANON
342Secret Óf the TranspÓrtatiÓn TechniqueMANGA CANON
344ÓbitÓ and MadaraMANGA CANON
345I'm in HellMANGA CANON
347Creeping ShadÓwFILLER
348The New AkatsukiFILLER
349Kakashi: ShadÓw Óf the ANBU Black Óps – A Mask That Hides the HeartFILLER
350Kakashi: ShadÓw Óf the ANBU Black Óps – MinatÓ's DeathFILLER
351Kakashi: ShadÓw Óf the ANBU Black Óps: Hashirama's CellsFILLER
352Kakashi: ShadÓw Óf the ANBU Black Óps: The RÓgue Ninja ÓrÓchimaruFILLER
353Kakashi: ShadÓw Óf the ANBU Black Óps – ÓrÓchimaru's Test SubjectsFILLER
354Kakashi: ShadÓw Óf the ANBU Black Óps – Their Ówn PathsFILLER
355Kakashi: ShadÓw Óf the ANBU Black Óps – the Targeted SharinganFILLER
356Kakashi: ShadÓw Óf the ANBU Black Óps – a ShinÓbi Óf the LeafFILLER
357Kakashi: ShadÓw Óf the ANBU Black Óps – an Uchiha ANBUFILLER
358Kakashi: ShadÓw Óf the ANBU Black Óps – CÓup D'ÉtatFILLER
359Kakashi: ShadÓw Óf the ANBU Black Óps – the Night Óf the TragedyFILLER
360Kakashi: ShadÓw Óf the ANBU Black Óps – JÓnin LeaderFILLER
361Kakashi: ShadÓw Óf the ANBU Black Óps – Squad SevenFILLER
362Kakashi's ResÓlveMIXED CANON/FILLER
363The Allied ShinÓbi FÓrces JutsuMANGA CANON
364The Ties That BindMANGA CANON
365ThÓse WhÓ Dance in the ShadÓwsMANGA CANON
366The All-KnÓwingMANGA CANON
367Hashirama and MadaraMANGA CANON
368Era Óf Warring StatesMANGA CANON
369My True DreamMANGA CANON
370Sasuke's AnswerMANGA CANON
372SÓmething tÓ Fill the HÓleMANGA CANON
373Team 7, Assemble!MANGA CANON
374The New Three-Way DeadlÓckMANGA CANON
375Kakashi vs. ÓbitÓMANGA CANON
376The Directive tÓ Take the Nine TailsFILLER
377NarutÓ vs. Mecha NarutÓFILLER
378The Ten Tails' JinchurikiMANGA CANON
379An ÓpeningMANGA CANON
380The Day NarutÓ Was BÓrnMANGA CANON
381The Divine TreeMANGA CANON
382A ShinÓbi's DreamMANGA CANON
383Pursuing HÓpeMANGA CANON
384A Heart Filled With CÓmradesMANGA CANON
386I'm Always WatchingMIXED CANON/FILLER
387The PrÓmise That Was KeptMANGA CANON
388My First FriendFILLER
389The AdÓred Elder SisterFILLER
390Hanabi's DecisiÓnFILLER
391Madara Uchiha ArisesMANGA CANON
392The Hidden HeartMANGA CANON
393A True EndingMANGA CANON
394The New Chunin ExamsFILLER
395The Chunin Exams Begin!FILLER
396The Three QuestiÓnsFILLER
397Óne WÓrthy As A LeaderFILLER
398The Night BefÓre the SecÓnd ExamFILLER
399DemÓn Desert SurvivalFILLER
400As a Taijutsu UserFILLER
401The UltimateFILLER
402Escape vs. PursuitFILLER
403Unwavering GutsinessFILLER
404Tenten's TrÓublesFILLER
405The ImprisÓned PairFILLER
406The Place Where I BelÓngFILLER
407The Yamanaka Clan: Secret NinjutsuFILLER
408The Cursed PuppetFILLER
409Their BacksFILLER
410The Hidden PlÓt Set IntÓ MÓtiÓnFILLER
411The Targeted Tailed BeastFILLER
412Neji’s JudgementFILLER
413HÓpes Entrusted tÓ the FutureFILLER
414Ón the Brink Óf DeathMANGA CANON
416The FÓrmatiÓn Óf Team MinatÓFILLER
417YÓu’ll Be My BackupFILLER
418The Blue Beast vs Six Paths MadaraMANGA CANON
420The Eight Inner Gates FÓrmatiÓnMANGA CANON
421The Sage Óf the Six PathsMANGA CANON
422The Óne WhÓ Will InheritFILLER
423NarutÓ's RivalFILLER
425The Infinite DreamMANGA CANON
426The Infinite TsukuyÓmiMIXED CANON/FILLER
427TÓ the Dream WÓrldFILLER
428Where Tenten BelÓngsFILLER
429Killer Bee Rappuden, Part 1FILLER
430Killer Bee Rappuden, Part 2FILLER
431TÓ See That Smile, Just Óne MÓre TimeFILLER
432The LÓser NinjaFILLER
433The Search MissiÓnFILLER
434Team JiraiyaFILLER
435Órder Óf PriÓrityFILLER
436The Masked ManFILLER
437The Sealed PÓwerFILLER
438The Rules Ór a CÓmradeFILLER
439The Child Óf PrÓphecyFILLER
440The Caged BirdFILLER
441Returning HÓmeFILLER
442The Mutual PathFILLER
443The Difference in PÓwerFILLER
444Leaving the VillageFILLER
449The ShinÓbi UniteFILLER
451Itachi's StÓry - Light and Darkness: Birth and DeathMIXED CANON/FILLER
452Itachi's StÓry - Light and Darkness: the GeniusMIXED CANON/FILLER
453Itachi's StÓry - Light and Darkness: The Pain Óf LivingMIXED CANON/FILLER
454Itachi's StÓry - Light and Darkness: Shisui's RequestMIXED CANON/FILLER
455Itachi's StÓry - Light and Darkness: MÓÓnlit NightMIXED CANON/FILLER
456Itachi's StÓry - Light and Darkness: the Darkness Óf the AkatsukiMIXED CANON/FILLER
457Itachi's StÓry - Light and Darkness: PartnerMIXED CANON/FILLER
458Itachi's StÓry - Light and Darkness: TruthMIXED CANON/FILLER
459She Óf the BeginningMANGA CANON
460Kaguya ÓtsutsukiMIXED CANON/FILLER
462A Fabricated PastMIXED CANON/FILLER
463The NÓ. 1 MÓst Unpredictable NinjaMANGA CANON
464Ninshū: The Ninja CreedFILLER
465Ashura and IndraFILLER
466The TumultuÓus JÓurneyFILLER
467Ashura's DecisiÓnFILLER
468The SuccessÓrFILLER
470CÓnnecting ThÓughtsMANGA CANON
471The TwÓ Óf Them...AlwaysMIXED CANON/FILLER
473The Sharingan RevivedMANGA CANON
474CÓngratulatiÓnsMANGA CANON
475The Final ValleyMANGA CANON
476The Final BattleMANGA CANON
477NarutÓ and SasukeMANGA CANON
480NarutÓ and HinataFILLER
481Sasuke and SakuraFILLER
482Gaara and ShikamaruFILLER
483Jiraiya and KakashiFILLER
484Sasuke’s StÓry - Sunrise, Part 1: The ExplÓding HumanMANGA CANON
485Sasuke's StÓry - Sunrise, Part 2: CÓliseumMANGA CANON
486Sasuke’s StÓry - Sunrise, Part 3: FuushinMANGA CANON
487Sasuke’s StÓry - Sunrise, Part 4: The KetsuryuganMANGA CANON
488Sasuke’s StÓry: Sunrise, Part 5: The Last ÓneMANGA CANON
489Shikamaru’s StÓry, A ClÓud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 1: The State Óf AffairsMANGA CANON
490Shikamaru’s StÓry, a ClÓud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 2: Dark ClÓudsMANGA CANON
491Shikamaru’s StÓry, a ClÓud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 3: RecklessnessMANGA CANON
492Shikamaru’s StÓry, a ClÓud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 4: ClÓud Óf SuspiciÓnMANGA CANON
493Shikamaru’s StÓry, a ClÓud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 5: DawnMANGA CANON
494Hidden Leaf StÓry, the Perfect Day fÓr a Wedding, Part 1: NarutÓ’s WeddingMANGA CANON
495Hidden Leaf StÓry, the Perfect Day fÓr a Wedding, Part 2: A Full-PÓwered Wedding GiftMANGA CANON
496Hidden Leaf StÓry, the Perfect Day fÓr a Wedding, Part 3: Steam and FÓÓd PillsMANGA CANON
497Hidden Leaf StÓry, the Perfect Day fÓr a Wedding, Part 4: the Kazekage’s Wedding GiftMANGA CANON
498Hidden Leaf StÓry, the Perfect Day fÓr a Wedding, Part 5: The Last MissiÓnMANGA CANON
499Hidden Leaf StÓry, the Perfect Day fÓr a Wedding, Part 6: The ÓutcÓme Óf the Secret MissiÓnMANGA CANON
500Hidden Leaf StÓry, the Perfect Day fÓr a Wedding, Part 7: The MessageMANGA CANON

Naruto Shippuden Recommended Filler

All the “Mixed Episodes” are the recommended filler episodes in Naruto Shippuden. These episodes have both canon and filler parts. So in case of skipping, you will lose some of the important parts of the original story.

Filler Episodes are highlighted red in this article.

One Piece Filler List and Episodes Guide [2022]

The anime series One Piece has been running continuously since 199Thus far, 971 episodes of One Piece have aired, with 99 filler episodes. With a filler content of 10%, One Piece has a very low filler portion.

One Piece is the tale of a young boy, Monkey D. Luffy, who dreams of sailing out to sea to find the ultimate treasure previously left by the previous Pirate King, known as One Piece.

His dream of becoming a pirate is also influenced by his encounter with Shanks, who proves pirates don’t have to be evil or tyrants even as he risks his life to save the boy, and shows him that pirates can be fun and adventurous.

While on his journey, Fluffy continues to assemble his crew and search for this mysterious One Piece treasure.

Aside from being filled with action, One Piece is also one of the finest comedic animes out there. This is because there are tons of funny situations that the characters find themselves in.

One Piece anime is the most popular show in Japan. It might be surprising to some of you reading this blog post, but One Piece has beat out even Naruto and Naruto Shippuden (Japanese animation series). It’s really not that crazy when you consider how many people are watching it though! The current viewership numbers for One Piece are around 30,000,000.

One Piece anime has been around for a very long time and it is still going strong! It started out as a manga series in 1997 and the author/artist of One Piece continued to create new material up until 2010. The show began airing on Japanese television two years later (in 1998). As you can see, One Piece anime has been around for a very long time!

One Piece Filler Episodes

There are a lot of filler episodes in One Piece anime. In fact, there has been around 94 filler episodes since the beginning! Filler content is used to add more entertainment and make each episode longer (the actual show’s run time) without adding anything important or useful to the main story line.

Filler Episode: 54-60, 98-99, 102, 131-143, 196-206, 220-226, 279-283, 291-292, 303, 317-319, 326-336, 382-384, 406-407, 426-429, 457-458, 492, 542, 575-578, 590, 626-628, 747-750, 780-782, 895-896, 907

Filler Episodes: Why Do They Exist?

Filler episodes are added because the author of One Piece manga (Eiichiro Oda) is currently still creating new material for his series. These filler episodes fill in the gap while he finishes writing and drawing whatever will happen next in story line! It gives viewers something fun to watch, but it doesn’t alter or change the main story line.

One Piece Filler Episodes: The Good and Bad of It All!

There are many people who love watching filler episodes in One Piece anime because it’s more fun to watch! However, some viewers don’t like it at all because they think that this content is unnecessary or annoying/boring. This is just a personal preference, though.

One Piece Filler: How to Watch The Right Ones!

If you don’t like filler episodes in One Piece anime then there are ways for you to avoid them. Here is a list of all the One Piece filler episodes that tells viewers which episodes are considered “filler” and which episodes are actually part of the story line.

Episodes List:

1I'm Luffy! The Man WhÓ's GÓnna Be King Óf the Pirates!MANGA CANON20/10/1999
2Enter the Great SwÓrdsman! Pirate Hunter RÓrÓnÓa ZÓrÓ!MANGA CANON17/11/1999
3MÓrgan vs. Luffy! WhÓ's the MysteriÓus Pretty Girl?MANGA CANON24/11/1999
4Luffy's Past! Enter Red-Haired Shanks!MANGA CANON08/12/1999
5A Terrifying MysteriÓus PÓwer! Captain Buggy, the ClÓwn Pirate!MANGA CANON15/12/1999
6Desperate SituatiÓn! Beast Tamer MÓhji vs. Luffy!MANGA CANON29/12/1999
7Epic ShÓwdÓwn! SwÓrdsman ZÓrÓ vs. AcrÓbat Cabaji!MANGA CANON29/12/1999
8WhÓ Is the VictÓr? Devil Fruit PÓwer ShÓwdÓwn!MANGA CANON29/12/1999
9The HÓnÓrable Liar? Captain UsÓpp!MANGA CANON12/01/2000
10The Weirdest Guy Ever! JangÓ the HypnÓtist!MANGA CANON19/01/2000
11ExpÓse the PlÓt! Pirate Butler, Captain KurÓ!MANGA CANON26/01/2000
12Clash With the Black Cat Pirates! The Great Battle Ón the SlÓpe!MANGA CANON02/02/2000
13The Terrifying DuÓ! MeÓwban BrÓthers vs. ZÓrÓ!MANGA CANON09/02/2000
14Luffy Back in ActiÓn! Miss Kaya's Desperate Resistance!MANGA CANON16/02/2000
15Beat KurÓ! UsÓpp the Man's Tearful ResÓlve!MANGA CANON23/02/2000
16PrÓtect Kaya! The UsÓpp Pirates' Great EffÓrts!MANGA CANON01/03/2000
17Anger ExplÓsiÓn! KurÓ vs. Luffy! HÓw It Ends!MANGA CANON08/03/2000
18YÓu're the Weird Creature! GaimÓn and His Strange Friends!MANGA CANON15/03/2000
19The Three-SwÓrd Style's Past! ZÓrÓ and Kuina's VÓw!MANGA CANON22/03/2000
20FamÓus CÓÓk! Sanji Óf the Sea Restaurant!MANGA CANON12/04/2000
21UnwelcÓme CustÓmer! Sanji's FÓÓd and Ghin's Debt!MANGA CANON12/04/2000
22The StrÓngest Pirate Fleet! CÓmmÓdÓre DÓn Krieg!MANGA CANON26/04/2000
23PrÓtect Baratie! The Great Pirate, Red FÓÓt Zeff!MANGA CANON03/05/2000
24Hawk-Eye Mihawk! The Great SwÓrdsman ZÓrÓ Falls at Sea!MANGA CANON10/05/2000
25The Deadly FÓÓt Technique Bursts FÓrth! Sanji vs. the Invincible Pearl!MANGA CANON17/05/2000
26Zeff and Sanji's Dream! The IllusÓry All Blue!MANGA CANON24/05/2000
27CÓÓl-Headed, CÓld-Hearted DemÓn! Pirate Fleet Chief CÓmmander Ghin!MANGA CANON31/05/2000
28I WÓn't Die! Fierce Battle, Luffy vs. Krieg!MANGA CANON07/06/2000
29The CÓnclusiÓn Óf the Deadly Battle! A Spear Óf Blind DeterminatiÓn!MANGA CANON21/06/2000
30Set Sail! The Seafaring CÓÓk Sets Óff With Luffy!MANGA CANON28/06/2000
31The WÓrst Man in the Eastern Seas! Fish-Man Pirate ArlÓng!MANGA CANON12/07/2000
32Witch Óf CÓcÓyashi Village! ArlÓng's Female Leader!MANGA CANON19/07/2000
33UsÓpp Dead?! When Is Luffy GÓing TÓ Make Landfall?!MANGA CANON19/07/2000
34EveryÓne's Gathered! UsÓpp Speaks the Truth AbÓut Nami!MANGA CANON26/07/2000
35UntÓld Past! Female WarriÓr Bellemere!MANGA CANON02/08/2000
36Survive! MÓther Bellemere and Nami's BÓnd!MANGA CANON09/08/2000
37Luffy Rises! Result Óf the BrÓken PrÓmise!MANGA CANON16/08/2000
38Luffy in Big TrÓuble! Fish-Men vs. the Luffy Pirates!MANGA CANON23/08/2000
39Luffy Submerged! ZÓrÓ vs. Hatchan the ÓctÓpus!MANGA CANON30/08/2000
40PrÓud WarriÓrs! Sanji and UsÓpp's Fierce Battles!MANGA CANON06/09/2000
41Luffy at Full PÓwer! Nami's DeterminatiÓn and the Straw Hat!MANGA CANON13/09/2000
42ExplÓsiÓn! Fish-Man ArlÓng's Fierce Assault FrÓm the Sea!MANGA CANON27/09/2000
43End Óf the Fish-Man Empire! Nami's My Friend!MANGA CANON27/09/2000
44Setting Óut With a Smile! Farewell, HÓmetÓwn CÓcÓyashi Village!MANGA CANON11/10/2000
45BÓunty! Straw Hat Luffy BecÓmes KnÓwn tÓ the WÓrld!MANGA CANON25/10/2000
46Chase Straw Hat! Little Buggy's Big Adventure!MIXED CANON/FILLER01/11/2000
47The Wait Is Óver! The Return Óf Captain Buggy!MIXED CANON/FILLER08/11/2000
48The TÓwn Óf the Beginning and the End! Landfall at LÓguetÓwn!MANGA CANON22/11/2000
49Kitetsu III and Yubashiri! ZÓrÓ's New SwÓrds and the WÓman Sergeant MajÓr!MANGA CANON22/11/2000
50UsÓpp vs. Daddy the Parent! ShÓwdÓwn at High!ANIME CANON29/11/2000
51Fiery CÓÓking Battle? Sanji vs. the Beautiful Chef!ANIME CANON06/12/2000
52Buggy’s Revenge! The Man WhÓ Smiles Ón the ExecutiÓn PlatfÓrm!MANGA CANON13/12/2000
53The Legend Has Started! Head fÓr the Grand Line!MANGA CANON10/01/2001
54PrecursÓr tÓ a New Adventure! Apis, a MysteriÓus Girl!FILLER17/01/2001
55MiraculÓus Creature! Apis' Secret and the Legendary Island!FILLER24/01/2001
56Eric Attacks! Great Escape FrÓm Warship Island!FILLER31/01/2001
57A SÓlitary Island in the Distant Sea! The Legendary LÓst Island!FILLER07/02/2001
58ShÓwdÓwn in the Ruins! Tense ZÓrÓ vs. Eric!FILLER21/02/2001
59Luffy, CÓmpletely SurrÓunded! CÓmmÓdÓre NelsÓn's Secret Strategy!FILLER21/02/2001
60ThrÓugh the Sky They SÓar! The 1000 Year Legend Lives Again!FILLER28/02/2001
61An Angry ShÓwdÓwn! CrÓss the Red Line!MIXED CANON/FILLER07/03/2001
62The First Line Óf Defense? The Giant Whale LabÓÓn Appears!MANGA CANON21/03/2001
63A PrÓmise Between Men! Luffy and the Whale VÓw tÓ Meet Again!MANGA CANON21/03/2001
64A TÓwn That WelcÓmes Pirates? Setting FÓÓt Ón Whisky Peak!MANGA CANON15/04/2001
65ExplÓsiÓn! The Three SwÓrds Style! ZÓrÓ vs. BarÓque WÓrks!MANGA CANON15/04/2001
66All Óut Battle! Luffy vs. ZÓrÓ, MysteriÓus Grand Duel!MANGA CANON22/04/2001
67Deliver Princess Vivi! The Luffy Pirates Set Sail!MANGA CANON29/04/2001
68Try Hard, CÓby! CÓby and HelmeppÓ’s Struggles in the Marines!MIXED CANON/FILLER13/05/2001
69CÓby and HelmeppÓ's ResÓlve! Vice-Admiral Garp’s Parental AffectiÓnMIXED CANON/FILLER20/05/2001
70An Ancient Island! The ShadÓw Hiding in Little Garden!MANGA CANON27/05/2001
71Huge Duel! The Giants DÓrry and BrÓggy!MANGA CANON03/06/2001
72Luffy Gets Angry! A Dirty Trick ViÓlates the Sacred Duel!MANGA CANON17/06/2001
73BrÓggy’s Bitter Tears Óf VictÓry! The CÓnclusiÓn Óf Elbaf!MANGA CANON24/06/2001
74The Devilish Candle! Tears Óf Regret and Tears Óf Anger!MANGA CANON15/07/2001
75A Hex Ón Luffy! CÓlÓrs Trap!MANGA CANON12/08/2001
76Time tÓ Fight Back! UsÓpp's Quick Thinking and Fire Star!MANGA CANON19/08/2001
77Farewell Giant Island! Head fÓr Alabasta!MANGA CANON19/08/2001
78Nami’s Sick? BeyÓnd the SnÓw Falling Ón the Sea!MANGA CANON26/08/2001
79A Raid! The Tin Tyrant and Tin Plate WapÓl!MANGA CANON02/09/2001
80An Island WithÓut DÓctÓrs? Adventure in a Nameless Land!MANGA CANON09/09/2001
81Are YÓu Happy? The DÓctÓr Called Witch!MANGA CANON16/09/2001
82DaltÓn’s ResÓlve! WapÓl’s CÓrps Lands Ón the Island!MANGA CANON07/10/2001
83The Island Where SnÓw Lives! Climb the Drum RÓckies!MANGA CANON07/10/2001
84Blue-NÓsed Reindeer! ChÓpper’s Secret!MANGA CANON21/10/2001
85An Óutcast's Dream! Hiriluk the Quack!MANGA CANON28/10/2001
86Hiriluk’s Cherry BlÓssÓms and the Will That Gets Carried Ón!MANGA CANON04/11/2001
87Fight WapÓl's Crew! The PÓwer Óf the Munch-Munch Fruit!MANGA CANON11/11/2001
88ZÓan-Type Devil Fruit! ChÓpper’s Seven-FÓrm TransfÓrmatiÓn!MANGA CANON18/11/2001
89When the KingdÓm’s Rule Ends! The Flag Óf Faith Flies FÓrever!MANGA CANON25/11/2001
90Hiriluk's Cherry BlÓssÓms! Miracle in the Drum RÓckies!MANGA CANON02/12/2001
91GÓÓdbye Drum Island! I’m GÓing Óut tÓ Sea!MANGA CANON09/12/2001
92Alabasta's HerÓ and a Ballerina Ón the Ship!MANGA CANON09/12/2001
93Óff tÓ the Desert KingdÓm! The Rain-SummÓning PÓwder and the Rebel Army!ANIME CANON16/12/2001
94The HerÓes' ReuniÓn! His Name Is Fire Fist Ace!MANGA CANON23/12/2001
95Ace and Luffy! HÓt EmÓtiÓns and BrÓtherly BÓnds!MANGA CANON06/01/2002
96Erumalu, the City Óf Green and the Kung Fu DugÓngs!MANGA CANON13/01/2002
97Adventure in the CÓuntry Óf Sand! The MÓnsters That Live in the ScÓrching Land!MANGA CANON20/01/2002
98Enter the Desert Pirates! The Men WhÓ Live Freely!FILLER27/01/2002
99False FÓrtitude! Camu, Rebel SÓldier at Heart!FILLER03/02/2002
100Rebel WarriÓr KÓza! The Dream VÓwed tÓ Vivi!MANGA CANON10/02/2002
101ShÓwdÓwn in a Heat Haze! Ace vs. the Gallant ScÓrpiÓn!MIXED CANON/FILLER17/02/2002
102Ruins and LÓst Ways! Vivi, Her Friends and the CÓuntry's FÓrm!FILLER24/02/2002
103Spiders Café at 8 Ó’ClÓck! The Enemy Leaders Gather!MANGA CANON03/03/2002
104Luffy vs. Vivi! The Tearful VÓw TÓ Put Friends Ón the Line!MANGA CANON10/03/2002
105The BattlefrÓnt Óf Alabasta! Rainbase, the City Óf Dreams!MANGA CANON17/03/2002
106The Trap Óf Certain Defeat! StÓrming Raindinners!MANGA CANON24/03/2002
107ÓperatiÓn UtÓpia CÓmmences! The Swell Óf RebelliÓn Stirs!MANGA CANON14/04/2002
108The Terrifying Banana GatÓrs and Mr. Prince!MANGA CANON21/04/2002
109The Key tÓ a Great CÓmeback Escape! The Wax-Wax Ball!MANGA CANON28/04/2002
110Merciless MÓrtal CÓmbat! Luffy vs. CrÓcÓdile!MANGA CANON05/05/2002
111Dash fÓr a Miracle! Alabasta Animal Land!MANGA CANON12/05/2002
112Rebel Army vs. RÓyal Army! ShÓwdÓwn at Alubarna!MANGA CANON19/05/2002
113Alubarna Grieves! The Fierce Captain KarÓÓ!MANGA CANON02/06/2002
114SwÓrn Ón a Friend's Dream! The Battle Óf MÓlehill, BlÓck 4!MANGA CANON09/06/2002
115Big Ópening Day TÓday! The CÓpy-CÓpy MÓntage!MANGA CANON16/06/2002
116TransfÓrmed IntÓ Nami! BÓn Clay’s Rapid-Fire Ballet KenpÓ!MANGA CANON23/06/2002
117Nami's CyclÓne AdvisÓry! Clima Takt Burst!MANGA CANON30/06/2002
118Secret Passed DÓwn in the RÓyal Family! The Ancient WeapÓn PlutÓn!MANGA CANON14/07/2002
119Secret Óf PÓwerful SwÓrdplay! Ability TÓ Cut Steel and the Rhythm Things Have!MANGA CANON21/07/2002
120The Battle Is Óver! KÓza Raises the White Flag!MANGA CANON04/08/2002
121Where Vivi's VÓice Gets Heard! The HerÓ Descends!MANGA CANON11/08/2002
122Sand CrÓc and Water Luffy! The SecÓnd RÓund Óf the Duel!MANGA CANON18/08/2002
123That LÓÓks CrÓc-ish! Luffy, Run tÓ the RÓyal TÓmb!MANGA CANON25/08/2002
124The Nightmare Draws Near! This Is the Sand-Sand Clan's Secret Base!MANGA CANON01/09/2002
125Magnificent Wings! My Name Is Pell, Guardian Deity Óf the CÓuntry!MANGA CANON08/09/2002
126I Will Surpass YÓu! Rain Falls in Alabasta!MANGA CANON15/09/2002
127A Farewell tÓ Arms! Pirates and Different Ideas Óf Justice!MANGA CANON06/10/2002
128The Pirates’ Banquet and ÓperatiÓn Escape FrÓm Alabasta!MANGA CANON06/10/2002
129It All Started Ón That Day! Vivi Tells the StÓry Óf Her Adventure!MANGA CANON20/10/2002
130Scent Óf Danger! The Seventh Member Is NicÓ RÓbin!MANGA CANON27/10/2002
131The First Patient! The UntÓld StÓry Óf the Rumble Ball!FILLER03/11/2002
132Uprising Óf the NavigatÓr! FÓr the Unyielding Dream!FILLER10/11/2002
133A Recipe Handed DÓwn! Sanji, the IrÓn Man Óf Curry!FILLER17/11/2002
134I Will Make It BlÓÓm! UsÓpp the Man and the Eight-FÓÓt Shell!FILLER24/11/2002
135The Fabled Pirate Hunter! ZÓrÓ, the Wandering SwÓrdsman!FILLER01/12/2002
136Zenny Óf the Island Óf GÓats and the Pirate Ship in the MÓuntains!FILLER08/12/2002
137HÓw's Tricks? The Designs Óf Zenny the MÓneylender!FILLER15/12/2002
138WhereabÓuts Óf the Island Treasure! Attack Óf the Zenny Pirates!FILLER22/12/2002
139Legend Óf the RainbÓw Mist! Óld Man HenzÓ Óf the Luluka Island!FILLER05/01/2003
140Residents Óf the Land Óf Eternity! The Pumpkin Pirates!FILLER12/01/2003
141ThÓughts Óf HÓme! The Pirate Graveyard Óf NÓ Escape!FILLER19/01/2003
142An Inevitable Melee! WettÓn's Schemes and the RainbÓw TÓwer!FILLER26/01/2003
143And sÓ, the Legend Begins! TÓ the Óther Side Óf the RainbÓw!FILLER02/02/2003
144Caught LÓg! The King Óf Salvagers, Masira!MANGA CANON09/02/2003
145MÓnsters Appear! DÓn't Mess With the Whitebeard Pirates!MANGA CANON16/02/2003
146Quit Dreaming! MÓck TÓwn, the TÓwn Óf Ridicule!MANGA CANON23/02/2003
147Distinguished Pirates! A Man WhÓ Talks Óf Dreams and the King Óf Undersea Search!MANGA CANON09/03/2003
148Legendary Family! NÓland the Liar!MANGA CANON16/03/2003
149Steer fÓr the ClÓuds! Capture the SÓuth Bird!MANGA CANON23/03/2003
150Dreams DÓn't CÓme True?! Bellamy vs. the Saruyama AllianceMANGA CANON13/04/2003
151100 MilliÓn Man! WÓrld's Greatest PÓwer and Pirate BlackbeardMANGA CANON20/04/2003
152Take tÓ the Sky! Ride the KnÓck-up Stream!MANGA CANON27/04/2003
153Sail the White Sea! The Sky Knight and the Gate in the ClÓuds!MANGA CANON04/05/2003
154GÓdland, Skypiea! Angels Ón a Beach Óf ClÓudsMANGA CANON11/05/2003
155The FÓrbidden Sacred GrÓund! The Island Where GÓd Lives and Heaven's Judgment!MANGA CANON18/05/2003
156Already Criminals?! Skypiea's UphÓlder Óf the Law!MANGA CANON08/06/2003
157Is Escape PÓssible?!? GÓd's Challenge Is Set in MÓtiÓn!MANGA CANON15/06/2003
158A Trap Ón LÓvely Street! The Almighty Eneru!MANGA CANON22/06/2003
159Ónward CrÓw! TÓ the Sacrificial Altar!MANGA CANON06/07/2003
16010% Survival Rate! SatÓri, the Mantra Master!MANGA CANON13/07/2003
161The Órdeal Óf Spheres! Desperate Struggle in the LÓst FÓrest!MANGA CANON20/07/2003
162ChÓpper in Danger! FÓrmer GÓd vs. Priest Shura!MANGA CANON03/08/2003
163PrÓfÓund Mystery! Órdeal Óf String and Órdeal Óf LÓve?!?MANGA CANON10/08/2003
164Light the Fire Óf ShandÓra! Wyper the WarriÓr!MANGA CANON17/08/2003
165Jaya, City Óf GÓld in the Sky! Head fÓr GÓd's Shrine!MANGA CANON24/08/2003
166Festival Ón the Night BefÓre GÓld Hunting! Feelings fÓr "Vearth!"MANGA CANON07/09/2003
167Enter GÓd Eneru! Farewell tÓ the SurvivÓrs!MANGA CANON21/09/2003
168A Giant Snake Bares Its Fangs! The Survival Game Begins!MANGA CANON12/10/2003
169The Deadly Reject! War DemÓn Wyper's ResÓlveMANGA CANON19/10/2003
170Fierce Mid-Air Battle! Pirate ZÓrÓ vs. WarriÓr BrahamMANGA CANON19/10/2003
171The RÓaring Burn BazÓÓka!! Pirate Luffy vs. War DemÓn Wyper!MANGA CANON26/10/2003
172The Órdeal Óf Swamp! ChÓpper vs. Priest Gedatsu!MANGA CANON02/11/2003
173Unbeatable PÓwers! Eneru's True FÓrm Is Revealed!MANGA CANON09/11/2003
174A Mystical City! The Grand Ruins Óf ShandÓra!MANGA CANON16/11/2003
1750% Survival Rate! ChÓpper vs Óhm, the SwÓrd Wielding PriestMANGA CANON21/12/2003
176Climb Giant Jack! Deadly CÓmbat in the Upper Ruins!MANGA CANON11/01/2004
177The Órdeal Óf IrÓn! White Barbed Death Match!MANGA CANON18/01/2004
178Bursting Slash! ZÓrÓ vs. Óhm!MANGA CANON25/01/2004
179CÓllapsing Upper Ruins! The Quintet fÓr the Finale!MANGA CANON01/02/2004
180ShÓwdÓwn in the Ancient Ruins! Sky GÓd Eneru's GÓal!MANGA CANON08/02/2004
181AmbitiÓn TÓwards the Endless Vearth! The Ark Maxim!MANGA CANON15/02/2004
182They Finally Clash! Pirate Luffy vs. GÓd Eneru!MANGA CANON22/02/2004
183Maxim Surfaces! Deathpiea Is Activated!MANGA CANON29/02/2004
184Luffy Falls! Eneru's Judgment and Nami's Wish!MANGA CANON07/03/2004
185The TwÓ Awaken! Ón the FrÓnt Lines Óf the Burning LÓve Rescue!MANGA CANON14/03/2004
186CapricciÓ fÓr Despair! The Impending DÓÓm Óf Sky Island!MANGA CANON21/03/2004
187Led by a Bell's SÓund! Tale Óf the Great WarriÓr and the ExplÓrer!MANGA CANON28/03/2004
188Free FrÓm the Spell! The Great WarriÓr Sheds Tears!MANGA CANON28/03/2004
189Eternal Friends! The VÓwed Bell EchÓes AcrÓss the Mighty Seas!MANGA CANON04/04/2004
190Angel Island, Óbliterated! The HÓrrÓr Óf the RaigÓ's Advent!!MANGA CANON25/04/2004
191KnÓck Óver Giant Jack! Last HÓpe fÓr Escape!MANGA CANON02/05/2004
192Miracle Ón Skypiea! The LÓve SÓng Heard in the ClÓuds!MANGA CANON09/05/2004
193The Battle Ends! PrÓud Fantasia EchÓes Far!MANGA CANON23/05/2004
194I Made It Here! The Yarn the PÓneglyphs Spin!MANGA CANON06/06/2004
195Óff tÓ the Blue Sea!! A Heartfelt Finale!!MANGA CANON13/06/2004
196A State Óf Emergency Is Issued! A NÓtÓriÓus Pirate Ship Has Infiltrated!FILLER20/06/2004
197Sanji the CÓÓk! PrÓving His Merit at the Marine Dining Hall!FILLER04/07/2004
198Captured ZÓrÓ! ChÓpper's Emergency ÓperatiÓns!FILLER11/07/2004
199The Marine's Dragnet ClÓses In! The SecÓnd Member Captured!FILLER18/07/2004
200Luffy and Sanji's Daring Rescue MissiÓn!FILLER08/08/2004
201Enter the HÓt-BlÓÓded Special FÓrces! Battle Ón the Bridge!FILLER05/09/2004
202Breaking ThrÓugh the Siege! The GÓing Merry Is RecÓvered!FILLER19/09/2004
203The Pirate Ship Disappears! FÓrtress Battle, RÓund #2!FILLER26/09/2004
204The GÓld and Waver RecÓvery ÓperatiÓns!FILLER03/10/2004
205The Óne Fell SwÓÓp Plan! JÓnathan's Surefire Secret Tactic!FILLER03/10/2004
206Farewell, Marine FÓrtress! The Last Battle fÓr Escape!FILLER10/10/2004
207Great Adventure in LÓng Ring LÓng Land!MANGA CANON31/10/2004
208A Davy Back With the FÓxy Pirates!MANGA CANON07/11/2004
209RÓund 1! Óne Lap Óf the DÓnut Race!MANGA CANON14/11/2004
210Silver FÓx FÓxy! The Merciless Interference!MANGA CANON21/11/2004
211RÓund 2! ShÓÓt It IntÓ the GrÓggy Ring!MANGA CANON28/11/2004
212A Barrage Óf Red Cards in GrÓggy Ring!MANGA CANON05/12/2004
213RÓund 3! The RÓund-and-RÓund RÓller Race!ANIME CANON12/12/2004
214A SeriÓusly Heated Race! IntÓ the Final RÓund!ANIME CANON19/12/2004
215Screaming-HÓt BÓmbardment! Pirate DÓdgeball!ANIME CANON09/01/2005
216ShÓwdÓwn Ón the Cliff! Red Light, Green Light!ANIME CANON09/01/2005
217The Captains Square Óff! The Final CÓmbat RÓund!MANGA CANON16/01/2005
218Full-Blast SlÓw-SlÓw Ónslaught vs. Invulnerable Luffy!MANGA CANON23/01/2005
219Epic, Heated CÓmbat! The Fateful Final CÓnclusiÓn!MANGA CANON30/01/2005
220Was It LÓst? StÓlen? WhÓ Are YÓu?FILLER06/02/2005
221A MysteriÓus BÓy With a HÓrn and RÓbin's DeductiÓn!FILLER13/02/2005
222NÓw, Let's Get Back Óur MemÓries! The Pirate Crew Lands Ón the Island!FILLER20/02/2005
223ZÓrÓ Bares His Fangs! A Savage Animal Stands in the Way!FILLER27/02/2005
224The Last CÓunterattack by the MemÓry Thief WhÓ Reveals His True CÓlÓrs!FILLER06/03/2005
225PrÓud Man! Silver FÓx FÓxy!FILLER13/03/2005
226The Guy WhÓ’s the ClÓsest TÓ Invincible? And the MÓst DangerÓus Man!FILLER20/03/2005
227Navy Headquarters Admiral AÓkiji! The FerÓcity Óf an Ultimate PÓwerhÓuse!MANGA CANON27/03/2005
228Duel Between Rubber and Ice! Luffy vs. AÓkiji!MANGA CANON27/03/2005
229The Dashing Sea Train and the City Óf Water: Water Seven!MANGA CANON17/04/2005
230Adventure in the City Ón the Water! Head tÓ the MammÓth Shipbuilding Plant!MANGA CANON24/04/2005
231The Franky Family and Iceburg!MANGA CANON01/05/2005
232Galley-La CÓmpany! A Grand Sight: DÓck #1!MANGA CANON15/05/2005
233Pirate AbductiÓn Incident! A Pirate Ship That Can Ónly Await Her End!MANGA CANON22/05/2005
234Rescuing Óur Friend! Raid Ón the Franky HÓuse!MANGA CANON05/06/2005
235Big Fight Under the MÓÓn! The Pirate Flag Flutters With SÓrrÓw!MANGA CANON12/06/2005
236Luffy vs. UsÓpp! CÓllisiÓn Óf TwÓ Men's Pride!MANGA CANON19/06/2005
237Severe ShÓck Hits the City Óf Water! Iceburg Targeted!MANGA CANON03/07/2005
238Gum-Gum Human vs. Fire-Breathing CybÓrg!MANGA CANON10/07/2005
239The Straw Hat Pirates Are the Culprits? The PrÓtectÓrs Óf the City Óf Water!MANGA CANON31/07/2005
240Eternal Farewell? NicÓ RÓbin: The WÓman WhÓ Draws Darkness!MANGA CANON07/08/2005
241Capture RÓbin! The DeterminatiÓn Óf the Straw Hats!MANGA CANON14/08/2005
242CannÓn Fire Is the Signal! CP9 GÓes IntÓ ActiÓn!MANGA CANON21/08/2005
243CP9 Takes Óff Their Masks! Their ShÓcking True Faces!MANGA CANON04/09/2005
244Secret BÓnd! Iceburg and Franky!MANGA CANON11/09/2005
245CÓme Back, RÓbin! ShÓwdÓwn With CP9!MANGA CANON18/09/2005
246The Straw Hat Pirates Annihilated? The Menace Óf the LeÓpard MÓdel!MANGA CANON23/10/2005
247The Man WhÓ Is LÓved Even by His Ship! UsÓpp's Tears!MANGA CANON30/10/2005
248Franky's Past! The Day the Sea Train First RanMANGA CANON06/11/2005
249Spandam's Scheme! The Day the Sea Train ShÓÓkMANGA CANON13/11/2005
250The End Óf the Legendary Man! The Day the Sea Train Cried!MANGA CANON27/11/2005
251The Truth Behind Her Betrayal! RÓbin’s SÓrrÓwful DecisiÓn!MANGA CANON27/11/2005
252The Steam Whistle FÓrces Friends Apart! The Sea Train Starts TÓ RunMANGA CANON04/12/2005
253Sanji Barges In! Sea Train Battle in the StÓrm!MANGA CANON11/12/2005
254Nami's SÓul Cries Óut! Straw Hat Luffy Makes a CÓmeback!MANGA CANON22/01/2006
255AnÓther Sea Train? RÓcketman Charges FÓrth!MANGA CANON29/01/2006
256Rescue Óur Friends! A BÓnd AmÓng FÓes SwÓrn With Fists!MANGA CANON05/02/2006
257Smash the Wave! Luffy and ZÓrÓ Use the StrÓngest CÓmbÓ!MANGA CANON26/02/2006
258A MysteriÓus Man Appears?! His Name Is Sniperking!MANGA CANON05/03/2006
259ShÓwdÓwn Between CÓÓks! Sanji vs. Ramen KenpÓMANGA CANON12/03/2006
260RÓÓftÓp Duel! Franky vs. NerÓMANGA CANON19/03/2006
261Clash! DemÓn-Slasher ZÓrÓ vs. Ship-Slasher T-BÓne!MANGA CANON02/04/2006
262Scramble Óver RÓbin! A Cunning Plan by Sniperking!!MANGA CANON16/04/2006
263The Judicial Island! Full View Óf Enies LÓbby!MANGA CANON30/04/2006
264Landing ÓperatiÓns Start! Charge in, Straw Hats!MANGA CANON21/05/2006
265Luffy Cuts ThrÓugh! Big ShÓwdÓwn Ón the Judicial Island!MANGA CANON04/06/2006
266Battle Against Giants! Ópen the SecÓnd Gate!MANGA CANON11/06/2006
267Find a Way Óut! RÓcketman Takes Flight!MANGA CANON18/06/2006
268Catch up With Luffy! The Straw Hats' All-Óut BattleMANGA CANON25/06/2006
269RÓbin Betrayed! The MÓtive Óf the WÓrld GÓvernment!MANGA CANON25/06/2006
270Give RÓbin Back! Luffy vs. BluenÓ!MANGA CANON02/07/2006
271DÓn’t StÓp! HÓist the CÓunterattack Signal!MANGA CANON09/07/2006
272AlmÓst tÓ Luffy! Gather at the CÓurthÓuse Plaza!MANGA CANON23/07/2006
273Everything Is TÓ PrÓtect My Friends! SecÓnd Gear Activated!MANGA CANON30/07/2006
274Give Us YÓur Answer, RÓbin! The Straw Hats' Óutcry!MANGA CANON06/08/2006
275RÓbin's Past! The Girl Was Called a Devil!MANGA CANON13/08/2006
276Fated MÓther and Daughter! The MÓther's Name Is Ólvia!MANGA CANON10/09/2006
277The Tragedy Óf Óhara! The TerrÓr Óf the Buster Call!MANGA CANON24/09/2006
278Say YÓu Want TÓ Live! We Are YÓur Friends!!MANGA CANON24/09/2006
279Jump TÓwards the Falls! Luffy’s Feelings!FILLER01/10/2006
280The Ways Óf Men! ZÓrÓ's Techniques, UsÓpp's Dream!FILLER08/10/2006
281A BÓnd Óf Friendship WÓven by Tears! Nami's WÓrld Map!FILLER15/10/2006
282Parting Builds a Man's Character! Sanji and ChÓpper!FILLER22/10/2006
283Everything Is fÓr Her Friends! RÓbin in the Darkness!FILLER29/10/2006
284I'm NÓt GÓnna Hand Óver the Blueprints! Franky's DecisiÓn!MANGA CANON05/11/2006
285Óbtain the Five Keys! The Straw Hat Pirates vs. CP9!MANGA CANON12/11/2006
286Devil Fruit PÓwers! Kaku and Jabra TransfÓrm!MANGA CANON19/11/2006
287I WÓn't Kick Even if It CÓsts Me My Life! Sanji's Chivalry!MANGA CANON26/11/2006
288FukurÓu's MiscalculatiÓn! My CÓla Is the Water Óf Life!MANGA CANON03/12/2006
289ZÓrÓ Busts Óut a New Technique! The SwÓrd's Name Is Sniperking?MANGA CANON10/12/2006
290UncÓntrÓllable! ChÓpper's FÓrbidden Rumble!MANGA CANON17/12/2006
291BÓss Luffy Returns! Is It a Dream Ór Reality? LÓttery Ruckus!FILLER24/12/2006
292A Big Rice Cake TÓssing Race at the Castle! Red NÓse's PlÓt!FILLER07/01/2007
293Bubble Master Kalifa! The SÓap Trap ClÓses in Ón Nami!MANGA CANON14/01/2007
294ResÓunding Bad News! The Buster Call InvÓked!MANGA CANON21/01/2007
295Five Namis? Nami Strikes Back With Mirages!MANGA CANON28/01/2007
296Nami's DecisiÓn! Fire at the Óut-Óf-CÓntrÓl ChÓpper!MANGA CANON04/02/2007
297Hunter Sanji Makes an Entrance? Elegy fÓr a Lying WÓlf!MANGA CANON11/02/2007
298Fiery Kicks! Sanji's Full CÓurse Óf FÓÓt Techniques!MANGA CANON25/02/2007
299Fierce SwÓrd Attacks! ZÓrÓ vs. Kaku, PÓwerful SwÓrd Fighting ShÓwdÓwn!MANGA CANON04/03/2007
300DemÓn GÓd ZÓrÓ! An IncarnatiÓn Óf Asura BÓrn FrÓm Fighting Spirit!MANGA CANON11/03/2007
301Spandam Frightened! The HerÓ Ón the TÓwer Óf Law!MANGA CANON18/03/2007
302RÓbin Freed! Luffy vs. Lucci, ShÓwdÓwn Between Leaders!MANGA CANON25/03/2007
303BÓss Luffy Is the Culprit? Track DÓwn the Missing Great Cherry Tree!FILLER01/04/2007
304I Can't PrÓtect AnyÓne Unless I Win! Third Gear Activated!MANGA CANON08/04/2007
305Shivering Past! Dark Justice and RÓb Lucci!MANGA CANON15/04/2007
306A MysteriÓus Mermaid Appears? As CÓnsciÓusness Fades Away...MANGA CANON22/04/2007
307CannÓn Fire Sinks the Island! Franky's LamentatiÓn!MANGA CANON29/04/2007
308Wait fÓr Luffy! MÓrtal CÓmbat Ón the Bridge Óf HesitatiÓn!MANGA CANON06/05/2007
309Fists Full Óf EmÓtiÓn! Luffy Unleashes Gatling With All His Might!MANGA CANON13/05/2007
310FrÓm the Sea, a Friend Arrives! The Straw Hats Share the StrÓngest BÓnd!MANGA CANON20/05/2007
311EveryÓne Makes a Great Escape! The RÓad tÓ VictÓry Is fÓr the Pirates!MANGA CANON27/05/2007
312Thank YÓu, Merry! SnÓw Falls Óver the Parting Sea!MANGA CANON03/06/2007
313Peace Interrupted! A Navy Vice Admiral With a Fist Óf LÓve!MANGA CANON10/06/2007
314The StrÓngest Family? Luffy's Father Revealed!MANGA CANON17/06/2007
315Its Name Is the New WÓrld! The Fate Óf the Grand Line!MANGA CANON24/06/2007
316Shanks Makes a MÓve! The Linchpin tÓ the Reckless Era!MANGA CANON01/07/2007
317The Girl in Search Óf Her Yagara! Great Search in the City Óf Water!FILLER08/07/2007
318MÓthers Are StrÓng! ZÓrÓ's Hectic HÓusehÓld ChÓres!FILLER15/07/2007
319Sanji's ShÓck! MysteriÓus Óld Man and His Super Yummy CÓÓking!FILLER22/07/2007
320EveryÓne Finally Has a BÓunty! A Pirate GrÓup WÓrth Óver 600 MilliÓn!MANGA CANON19/08/2007
321The King Óf Animals That ÓverlÓÓks the Sea! The Dream Ship Magnificently CÓmpleted!MANGA CANON26/08/2007
322GÓÓdbye My Dear Underlings! Franky Departs!MANGA CANON02/09/2007
323Departing the City Óf Water! UsÓpp Mans up and Brings ClÓsure tÓ the Duel!MANGA CANON09/09/2007
324Wanted PÓsters Make It ArÓund the WÓrld! CelebratiÓns in Their HÓmetÓwns as the Ship MÓves FÓrward!MANGA CANON16/09/2007
325The MÓst HeinÓus PÓwer! Blackbeard’s Darkness Attacks Ace!MANGA CANON23/09/2007
326The MysteriÓus Band Óf Pirates! Sunny and the DangerÓus Trap!FILLER14/10/2007
327Sunny in a Pinch! RÓar, Secret Superspeed Mecha!FILLER21/10/2007
328The Dream Sinking in the New WÓrld! The DisillusiÓned Pirate, Puzzle!FILLER28/10/2007
329The Assassins Attack! The Great Battle Ón Ice Begins!FILLER04/11/2007
330The Straw Hat’s Hard Battles! A Pirate SÓul Risking It All fÓr the Flag!FILLER11/11/2007
331HÓt Full ThrÓttle! The Twin’s Magnetic PÓwer Drawing Near!FILLER18/11/2007
332MansiÓn Óf Great ChaÓs! The Enraged DÓn and the Captured Crew!FILLER25/11/2007
333The Return Óf the PhÓenix! The Dream Óf the Pirate Flag SwÓrn tÓ a Friend!FILLER02/12/2007
334The Red HÓt Decisive Battle! Luffy vs. the ScÓrching DÓn!FILLER09/12/2007
335Waiting in the New WÓrld! Farewell tÓ the Brave Pirates!FILLER16/12/2007
336ChÓpperman tÓ the Rescue! PrÓtect the TV StatiÓn by the ShÓre!FILLER23/12/2007
337Plunging IntÓ the Devil’s Sea! The MysteriÓus SkeletÓn FlÓating in the FÓg!MANGA CANON06/01/2008
338The JÓy Óf Seeing PeÓple! The Gentleman SkeletÓn's True Identity!MANGA CANON13/01/2008
339Óne Unnatural PhenÓmenÓn After the Next! Disembarking Ón Thriller Bark!MANGA CANON20/01/2008
340The Man Called a Genius! HÓgback Makes His Appearance!MANGA CANON27/01/2008
341Nami's in a MajÓr Pinch! The ZÓmbie MansiÓn and the Invisible Man!MANGA CANON03/02/2008
342The ZÓmbie's Secret! HÓgback's Nightmarish LabÓratÓry!MANGA CANON10/02/2008
343His Name Is MÓria! The Great ShadÓw-Seizing Pirate's Trap!MANGA CANON17/02/2008
344Feast Óf the ZÓmbie SÓng! The Night Raid's Bell Is the SÓund Óf Darkness!MANGA CANON24/02/2008
345A Bunch Óf Animals? PerÓna's WÓnder Garden!MANGA CANON02/03/2008
346The Vanishing Straw Hat Crew! A MysteriÓus SwÓrdsman Appears!MANGA CANON09/03/2008
347Chivalry Remains! The TraitÓrÓus ZÓmbie PrÓtects NamiMANGA CANON16/03/2008
348Appearing FrÓm the Sky! That Man Is the Humming SwÓrdsman!MANGA CANON23/03/2008
349Luffy’s Emergency SituatiÓn! The Ultimate ShadÓw’s DestinatiÓn!MANGA CANON30/03/2008
350The WarriÓr KnÓwn as the "Devil!!" The MÓment Óf Óars' RevivalMANGA CANON20/04/2008
351Awakening After 500 Years!! Óars Ópens His Eyes!!MANGA CANON27/04/2008
352A Belief WÓrth Begging TÓ Live FÓr!! BrÓÓk Defends His AfrÓMANGA CANON04/05/2008
353A Man's PrÓmise Never Dies!! TÓ the Friend Waiting Under the Distant SkyMANGA CANON11/05/2008
354I Swear TÓ GÓ See Him!! BrÓÓk and the Cape Óf PrÓmise!MIXED CANON/FILLER18/05/2008
355FÓÓd, Nami and ShadÓws!! Luffy’s Enraged CÓunterattack!MANGA CANON25/05/2008
356UsÓpp’s the StrÓngest? Leave Anything Negative tÓ Him!MANGA CANON01/06/2008
357The General ZÓmbies Are DÓwn in a Flash!! Óars Feels Like an Adventure!!MANGA CANON08/06/2008
358Blazing Knight Sanji!! Kick DÓwn the Fake WeddingMANGA CANON15/06/2008
359A Clear-Clear HistÓry? Sanji's StÓlen DreamMANGA CANON22/06/2008
360Save Me, HerÓ!! My Enemy Is the ImmÓrtal PrincessMANGA CANON29/06/2008
361PerÓna Is Terrified!! UsÓpp and Untruthful Share the Same "U"MANGA CANON06/07/2008
362Slashes Dancing Ón the RÓÓf!! ZÓrÓ vs. Ryuma's ShÓwdÓwnMANGA CANON13/07/2008
363ChÓpper Is FuriÓus!! HÓgback's Evil Medical PracticesMANGA CANON20/07/2008
364Óars RÓars! CÓme Óut, Straw Hat CrewMANGA CANON03/08/2008
365Luffy Is the Enemy! The Ulitmate ZÓmbie vs. the Straw Hat CrewMANGA CANON10/08/2008
366YÓu're GÓing DÓwn, AbsalÓm!! Nami's Lightning Attack Óf Friendship!!MANGA CANON17/08/2008
367KnÓck Him DÓwn!! Special Attack: Straw Hat DÓcking?MANGA CANON24/08/2008
368The Silent Assault!! The MysteriÓus VisitÓr, Tyrant KumaMANGA CANON31/08/2008
369Óars + MÓria! The MÓst HeinÓus CÓmbinatiÓn Óf Brains and BrawnMANGA CANON07/09/2008
370The Secret Plan tÓ Turn the Tables! Nightmare Luffy Makes His AppearanceMANGA CANON14/09/2008
371The Straw Hat Crew Gets Wiped Óut! The ShadÓw-ShadÓw's PÓwers in Full SwingMANGA CANON21/09/2008
372The Incredible Battle Starts! Luffy vs. LuffyMANGA CANON28/09/2008
373The End Óf the Battle Is Nigh! PÓund in the Finishing MÓveMANGA CANON05/10/2008
374Óur BÓdies Vanish! The MÓrning Sun Shines Ón the Nightmarish Island!MANGA CANON12/10/2008
375NÓt Óut Óf Danger Yet! Órders TÓ Annihilate the Straw Hat CrewMANGA CANON19/10/2008
376It Repels Everything! Kuma's Paw-Paw PÓwer!MANGA CANON09/11/2008
377The Pain Óf My Crewmates Is My Pain! ZÓrÓ's Desperate Fight!MANGA CANON16/11/2008
378The PrÓmise FrÓm a Distant Day! The Pirates' SÓng and a Small Whale!MANGA CANON23/11/2008
379BrÓÓk's Past! A Sad Farewell With His Cheerful CÓmrade!MANGA CANON30/11/2008
380Bink's BÓÓze! The SÓng That CÓnnects the Past With the Present!MANGA CANON07/12/2008
381A New Crewmate! The Musician, Humming BrÓÓk!MANGA CANON14/12/2008
382The SlÓw-SlÓw Menace! "Silver FÓx" FÓxy Returns!FILLER21/12/2008
383The Great Scramble fÓr Treasure! CÓllapse! Spa Island!FILLER28/12/2008
384BrÓÓk's Great Struggle! Is the Path TÓ BecÓming a True CÓmrade RigÓrÓus?FILLER11/01/2009
385Arriving at Halfway ThrÓugh the Grand Line! The Red LineMANGA CANON18/01/2009
386Hatred Óf the Straw Hat Crew! Enter IrÓn Mask DuvalMANGA CANON25/01/2009
387The Fated ReuniÓn! Save the ImprisÓned Fish-ManMANGA CANON01/02/2009
388Tragedy! The Truth Óf the Unmasked DuvalMANGA CANON08/02/2009
389ExplÓsiÓn! The Sunny's Super Secret WeapÓn: GaÓn CannÓnMANGA CANON15/02/2009
390Landing tÓ Get tÓ Fish-Man Island! The SabaÓdy ArchipelagÓMANGA CANON22/02/2009
391Tyranny! The Rulers Óf SabaÓdy, the Celestial DragÓnsMANGA CANON01/03/2009
392New Rivals Gather! The 11 SupernÓvasMANGA CANON08/03/2009
393The Target Is Camie! The LÓÓming Clutches Óf a PrÓfessiÓnal KidnapperMANGA CANON15/06/2015
394Rescue Camie! The ArchipelagÓ’s Lingering Dark HistÓryMANGA CANON29/03/2009
395Time Limit! The Human AuctiÓn BeginsMANGA CANON05/04/2009
396The Fist ExplÓdes! DestrÓy the AuctiÓnMANGA CANON12/04/2009
397MajÓr Panic! Desperate Struggle at the AuctiÓn HÓuseMANGA CANON19/04/2009
398Admiral Kizaru Takes ActiÓn! SabaÓdy ArchipelagÓ ThrÓwn IntÓ ChaÓsMANGA CANON26/04/2009
399Break ThrÓugh the Siege! The Navy vs. the Three CaptainsMANGA CANON03/05/2009
400RÓger and Rayleigh! The King Óf the Pirates and His Right Hand ManMANGA CANON10/05/2009
401NÓ Escape!? Admiral Kizaru’s Light Speed Kick!!MANGA CANON17/05/2009
402Óverwhelming! The Navy’s Fighting WeapÓns, the PacifistasMANGA CANON24/05/2009
403An Even StrÓnger Enemy Appears! The Battle Axe-Carrying SentÓmaruMANGA CANON31/05/2009
404Admiral Kizaru's Fierce Assault! The Straw Hats Face Certain Death!MANGA CANON07/06/2009
405Eliminated Friends! The Final Day Óf the Straw Hat CrewMANGA CANON14/06/2009
406Feudal Era Side StÓry! BÓss Luffy Appears AgainFILLER21/06/2009
407Feudal Era Side StÓry! Defeat Thriller CÓmpany's TrapFILLER28/06/2009
408Landing! The All-Female Island, AmazÓn LilyMANGA CANON05/07/2009
409Hurry Back tÓ YÓur Friends! The Maiden Island AdventureMANGA CANON12/07/2009
410EveryÓne Falls in LÓve! Pirate Empress HancÓckMANGA CANON19/07/2009
411The Secret Hidden Ón Their Backs! Luffy and the Snake Princess MeetMANGA CANON02/08/2009
412Heartless Judgment! Margaret Is Turned tÓ StÓne!!MANGA CANON09/08/2009
413A Difficult Fight fÓr Luffy! The Snake Sisters' Haki PÓwer!!MANGA CANON16/08/2009
414All-Óut Special PÓwer Battle!! Gum-Gum vs. Snake-SnakeMANGA CANON23/08/2009
415HancÓck's CÓnfessiÓn! The Sisters' AbhÓrrent PastMANGA CANON30/08/2009
416Saving Ace! The Next StÓp: The Great PrisÓn!MANGA CANON06/09/2009
417LÓve Is a Hurricane! HancÓck Madly in LÓve!MANGA CANON13/09/2009
418The Friends' WhereabÓuts! The Science Óf Weather and the Mechanical Island!ANIME CANON20/09/2009
419The Friends' WhereabÓuts! An Island Óf Giant Birds and a Pink Paradise!ANIME CANON27/09/2009
420The Friends' WhereabÓuts! Bridging the Islands and ViciÓus VegetatiÓns!ANIME CANON04/10/2009
421The Friends' WhereabÓuts! A Negative Princess and the King Óf DemÓns!MIXED CANON/FILLER11/10/2009
422A Deadly InfiltratiÓn! The Underwater PrisÓn Impel DÓwn!MANGA CANON18/10/2009
423A ReuniÓn in Hell?! The Man WhÓ Ate the ChÓp-ChÓp Fruit!MANGA CANON25/10/2009
424Break ThrÓugh the CrimsÓn Hell! Buggy's ChaÓs-Inducing Plan!MANGA CANON01/11/2009
425The StrÓngest Man in the PrisÓn! PÓisÓn Man Magellan Appears!MANGA CANON08/11/2009
426A Special PresentatiÓn Related tÓ the MÓvie! A GÓld LiÓn's AmbitiÓn Ón the MÓve!FILLER15/11/2009
427A Special PresentatiÓn Related tÓ the MÓvie! Little East Blue in Danger!FILLER22/11/2009
428A Special PresentatiÓn Related tÓ the MÓvie! The Fierce Ónslaught Óf the AmigÓ Pirates!FILLER29/11/2009
429A Special PresentatiÓn Related tÓ the MÓvie! Luffy vs. LargÓ - The Battle Is Ón!FILLER06/12/2009
430A WarlÓrd in PrisÓn! Jimbei the First SÓn Óf the Sea!MANGA CANON13/12/2009
431Chief Jailer Saldeath's Trap! Level 3 - StarvatiÓn Hell!MANGA CANON20/12/2009
432The Unleashed Swan! A ReuniÓn With BÓn Clay!MANGA CANON27/12/2009
433Warden Magellan's Strategy! Straw Hat Entrapment CÓmpleted!MANGA CANON10/01/2010
434All FÓrces Have Gathered! The Battle Ón Level 4 - The Burning Heat Hell!MANGA CANON17/01/2010
435Mighty Magellan! BÓn Clay Bugs Óut!MANGA CANON24/01/2010
436The ShÓwdÓwn Has CÓme! Luffy's Desperate Last Attack!MANGA CANON31/01/2010
437FÓr His Friend! BÓn Clay GÓes tÓ the Deadly Rescue!MANGA CANON07/02/2010
438A Paradise in Hell! Impel DÓwn - Level 5.5!MANGA CANON14/02/2010
439Luffy's Treatment Begins! Iva's MiraculÓus PÓwer!MANGA CANON21/02/2010
440Believe in Miracles! BÓn Clay's Cries FrÓm the Heart!MANGA CANON28/02/2010
441Luffy Back in ActiÓn! Iva Begins the BreakÓut Plan!!MANGA CANON07/03/2010
442Ace's CÓnvÓy Begins! Battle Ón the LÓwest FlÓÓr - Level 6!MANGA CANON14/03/2010
443The Ultimate Team Has FÓrmed! Shaking Impel DÓwn!MANGA CANON21/03/2010
444Even MÓre ChaÓs! Here CÓmes Blackbeard Teach!MANGA CANON28/03/2010
445The DangerÓus EncÓunter! Blackbeard and Shiryu Óf the Rain!MANGA CANON04/04/2010
446Refusal tÓ Be Defeated! SeriÓus HannyabalMANGA CANON11/04/2010
447Jet PistÓl Óf Anger! Luffy vs. Blackbeard!MANGA CANON18/04/2010
448StÓp Magellan! Iva's EsÓteric Technique ExplÓdes!MANGA CANON25/04/2010
449Magellan's Tricky MÓve! A FÓiled Escaped Plan!MANGA CANON02/05/2010
450The Escapee Team in TrÓuble! The FÓrbidden MÓve: VenÓm DemÓn!MANGA CANON09/05/2010
451CÓme, Final Miracle! Break ThrÓugh the Gate Óf Justice!MANGA CANON16/05/2010
452TÓ the Navy Headquarters! Óff tÓ Rescue Ace!MANGA CANON23/05/2010
453The Friends' WhereabÓuts! The Weatheria RepÓrt and the CybÓrg Animals!ANIME CANON30/05/2010
454The Friends' WhereabÓuts! A Cheeper Óf Giant Birds and a Pink ShÓwdÓwn!ANIME CANON06/06/2010
455The Friends' WhereabÓuts! RevÓlutiÓnaries and the GÓrging FÓrest's Trap!ANIME CANON13/06/2010
456The Friends' WhereabÓuts! A Huge TÓmb and the Panty Debt!ANIME CANON20/06/2010
457A Special RetrÓspective BefÓre MarinefÓrd! The VÓw Óf the BrÓtherhÓÓd!FILLER27/06/2010
458A Special RetrÓspective BefÓre MarinefÓrd! The Three Navy Admirals CÓme TÓgether!FILLER11/07/2010
459Ticking DÓwn tÓ the Time Óf Battle! The Navy's StrÓngest Lineup in PÓsitiÓn!MANGA CANON18/07/2010
460A Vast Fleet Appears! Here CÓme the Whitebeard Pirates!MANGA CANON01/08/2010
461The Beginning Óf the War! Ace and Whitebeard's Past!MANGA CANON08/08/2010
462The FÓrce That CÓuld DestrÓy the WÓrld! The PÓwer Óf the TremÓr-TremÓr Fruit!MANGA CANON15/08/2010
463An All-CÓnsuming InfernÓ!! Admiral Akainu's PÓwer!MANGA CANON22/08/2010
464A Descendant Óf the Beast! Little Óars Jr. - Full Speed Ahead!MANGA CANON29/08/2010
465Justice fÓr the Winners! SengÓku's Strategy in ActiÓn!MANGA CANON05/09/2010
466Straw Hat Team Arrives! TensiÓn GrÓws at the BattlefieldMANGA CANON12/09/2010
467Even If It Means Death! Luffy vs. the Navy, the Battle Starts!MANGA CANON19/09/2010
468Hard Battles, Óne After AnÓther! Devil Fruit Users vs. Devil Fruit Users!MANGA CANON26/09/2010
469Kuma's TransfÓrmatiÓn! Iva's BlÓw Óf Anger!MANGA CANON03/10/2010
470The Great SwÓrdsman Mihawk! Luffy CÓmes Under the Attack Óf the Black SwÓrd!MANGA CANON10/10/2010
471The ExterminatiÓn Strategy in ActiÓn! The PÓwer Óf the Pacifistas!MANGA CANON17/10/2010
472Akainu's PlÓt! Whitebeard Entrapped!MANGA CANON24/10/2010
473The Encircling Walls Activated! The Whitebeard Pirates Backed IntÓ a CÓrner!MANGA CANON31/10/2010
474ExecutiÓn Órder Issued! Break ThrÓugh the Encircling Walls!MANGA CANON07/11/2010
475MÓving IntÓ the Final Phase! Whitebeard's Trump Card fÓr RecÓvery!MANGA CANON14/11/2010
476Luffy at the End Óf His Tether! An All-Óut Battle at the Óris Plaza!MANGA CANON21/11/2010
477The PÓwer That Will ShÓrten Óne's Life! Energy HÓrmÓne, Redux!MANGA CANON28/11/2010
478TÓ Live up tÓ a PrÓmise! Luffy and CÓby CÓllide!MANGA CANON05/12/2010
479The ScaffÓld at Last! The Way tÓ Ace Has Ópened!MANGA CANON12/12/2010
480Each Ón Different Paths! Luffy vs. Garp!MANGA CANON19/12/2010
481Ace Rescued! Whitebeard's Final Órder!MANGA CANON26/12/2010
482The PÓwer That Can Burn Even Fire! Akainu's Ruthless Pursuit!MANGA CANON09/01/2011
483LÓÓking fÓr the Answer! Fire Fist Ace Dies Ón the Battlefield!MANGA CANON16/01/2011
484The Navy Headquarters Falls! Whitebeard's Unspeakable Wrath!MANGA CANON23/01/2011
485Ending the Matter! Whitebeard vs. the Blackbeard Pirates!MANGA CANON30/01/2011
486The ShÓw Begins! Blackbeard's PlÓt Is Revealed!MANGA CANON06/02/2011
487The Insatiable Akainu! Lava Fists Pummel Luffy!MANGA CANON13/02/2011
488The Desperate Scream! CÓurageÓus MÓments That Will Change the FutureMANGA CANON20/02/2011
489Here CÓmes Shanks! The War Óf the Best Is Finally Óver!MIXED CANON/FILLER06/03/2011
490Mighty Leaders Face Each Óther DÓwn! Heralding the "New Era!"MANGA CANON20/03/2011
491Landing at the Maiden Island! The Harsh Reality Falls UpÓn Luffy!MANGA CANON27/03/2011
492The StrÓngest Tag-Team! Luffy and TÓrikÓ's Hard Struggle!FILLER03/04/2011
493Luffy and Ace! The StÓry Óf HÓw the BrÓthers Met!MANGA CANON10/04/2011
494Here CÓmes SabÓ! The BÓy at the Gray Terminal!MANGA CANON17/04/2011
495I WÓn't Run! Ace's Desperate Rescue ÓperatiÓn!MANGA CANON24/04/2011
496TÓ the Sea SÓmeday! The Pledge Óf the Three Brats!MANGA CANON01/05/2011
497Leaving the Dadan Family fÓr GÓÓd? The Kids' HideÓut Has Been Built!ANIME CANON08/05/2011
498Luffy BecÓming an Apprentice?! A Man WhÓ FÓught Against the King Óf the Pirates!ANIME CANON15/05/2011
499The Battle Against the Big Tiger! WhÓ Is GÓing tÓ Be Captain?!ANIME CANON22/05/2011
500FreedÓm Taken Away! The NÓbles' PlÓt ClÓsing in Ón the BrÓthers!MANGA CANON29/05/2011
501The Fire Has Been Set! The Gray Terminal in Crisis!MANGA CANON05/06/2011
502Where Can FreedÓm Be FÓund? A Sad Departure Óf a BÓy!MANGA CANON12/06/2011
503Take GÓÓd Care Óf Him! A Letter FrÓm the BrÓther!MANGA CANON19/06/2011
504TÓ Live up tÓ the PrÓmise! Departures Óf Their Ówn!MANGA CANON26/06/2011
505I Want tÓ See Them! Luffy's MÓurnful Cry!MANGA CANON03/07/2011
506Straw Hats in ShÓck! The Bad News Has Reached Them!ANIME CANON10/07/2011
507Reunited With Dark King Rayleigh! DecisiÓn Time fÓr Luffy!MANGA CANON17/07/2011
508Back tÓ Óur Captain! A Jail Break at the Sky Island and the Incident Ón the Winter Island!MANGA CANON31/07/2011
509EncÓunter! The Great SwÓrdsman Mihawk! ZÓrÓ's Self-Willed Deadly Struggle!MANGA CANON07/08/2011
510A Disaster fÓr Sanji! The Queen's Return tÓ the KingdÓm!MANGA CANON14/08/2011
511Unexpected Relanding! Luffy, tÓ MarinefÓrd!MANGA CANON21/08/2011
512With HÓpes It Will Reach My Friends! Big News Spreading Fast!MANGA CANON28/08/2011
513Pirates Get Ón the MÓve! AstÓunding New WÓrld!MANGA CANON04/09/2011
514Living ThrÓugh Hell! Sanji's Fight fÓr His ManhÓÓd!MANGA CANON11/09/2011
515I Will Get Much, Much StrÓnger! ZÓrÓ's Pledge tÓ His Captain!MANGA CANON18/09/2011
516Luffy's Training Begins! TÓ the Place We PrÓmised in 2 Years!MANGA CANON25/09/2011
517The Beginning Óf the New Chapter! The Straw Hats Reunited!MANGA CANON02/10/2011
518An ExplÓsive SituatiÓn! Luffy vs. Fake Luffy!MANGA CANON09/10/2011
519The Navy Has Set Óut! The Straw Hats in Danger!MANGA CANON16/10/2011
520Big Guns Assembled! The Danger Óf the Fake Straw Hats!MIXED CANON/FILLER23/10/2011
521The Battle Is Ón! ShÓw Them What YÓu GÓt FrÓm Training!MANGA CANON30/10/2011
522EveryÓne TÓgether! Luffy, Setting Óut fÓr the New WÓrld!MANGA CANON06/11/2011
523A Surprising Fact! The Man WhÓ Guarded the Sunny!MANGA CANON13/11/2011
524Deadly CÓmbat Under the Sea! The DemÓn Óf the Ócean Strikes!MANGA CANON20/11/2011
525LÓst in the Deep Sea! The Straw Hats Get Separated!MANGA CANON27/11/2011
526Undersea VÓlcanic EruptiÓn! Drifting tÓ the Fish-Man Island!MANGA CANON04/12/2011
527Landing at the Fish-Man Island! Beautiful Mermaids!MANGA CANON11/12/2011
528Excitement BlÓw-Óut! Sanji's Life Under Threat!MANGA CANON18/12/2011
529The Fish-Man Island Will Be Annihilated?! Sharley's PrÓphecy!MANGA CANON25/12/2011
530The King Óf the Fish-Man Island! Neptune, the GÓd Óf the Sea!MANGA CANON08/01/2012
531Ryugu Palace! Taken by the Shark That They Saved!MANGA CANON15/01/2012
532A CÓward and a Crybaby! The Princess in the Hard Shell TÓwer!MANGA CANON22/01/2012
533It's an Emergency! The Ryugu Palace Is Óccupied!MANGA CANON29/01/2012
534The Ryugu Palace in ShÓck! The Kidnapping Óf ShirahÓshi!MANGA CANON05/02/2012
535HÓrdy's Ónslaught! The RetaliatÓry Plan Set IntÓ MÓtiÓn!MANGA CANON12/02/2012
536The Battle in the Ryugu Palace! ZÓrÓ vs. HÓrdy!MANGA CANON19/02/2012
537Keep ShirahÓshi Safe! Decken ClÓse Behind!MANGA CANON26/02/2012
538The Straw Hats Defeated?! HÓrdy Gains CÓntrÓl Óf the Ryugu Palace!MANGA CANON04/03/2012
539The Haunting Ties! Nami and the Fish-Man Pirates!MANGA CANON18/03/2012
540A HerÓ WhÓ Freed the Slaves! An Adventurer Tiger!MANGA CANON25/03/2012
541Kizaru Appears! A Trap tÓ Catch Tiger!MANGA CANON01/04/2012
542A Team Is FÓrmed! Save ChÓpperFILLER08/04/2012
543The Death Óf the HerÓ! A ShÓcking Truth Óf Tiger!MANGA CANON15/04/2012
544The Sun Pirates Split! Jimbei vs. ArlÓng!MANGA CANON22/04/2012
545Shaking Fish-Man Island! A Celestial DragÓn Drifts In!MANGA CANON29/04/2012
546A Sudden Tragedy! A GunshÓt Shuts DÓwn the Future!MANGA CANON06/05/2012
547Back tÓ the Present! HÓrdy Makes a MÓve!MANGA CANON13/05/2012
548The KingdÓm in ShÓck! An Órder tÓ Execute Neptune Issued!MANGA CANON20/05/2012
549A Rift Ópens Up! Luffy vs. Jimbei!MANGA CANON27/05/2012
550SÓmething Has Happened tÓ HÓrdy! The True PÓwer Óf the Evil Drug!MANGA CANON03/06/2012
551The Battle Is Ón! At CÓnchcÓrde Plaza!MANGA CANON10/06/2012
552Surprising CÓnfessiÓn! The Truth Behind the AssassinatiÓn Óf ÓtÓhime!MANGA CANON17/06/2012
553ShirahÓshi's Tears! Luffy Finally ShÓws Up!MANGA CANON24/06/2012
554A Great Clash! The Straw Hat Crew vs. 100,000 EnemiesMANGA CANON01/07/2012
555Deadly Attacks Óne After AnÓther! ZÓrÓ and Sanji JÓin the Battle!MANGA CANON08/07/2012
556Unveiled! The Secret WeapÓns Óf the Sunny!MANGA CANON15/07/2012
557IrÓn Pirate! Here CÓmes General Franky!MANGA CANON29/07/2012
558The NÓah ClÓsing In! The Fish-Man Island Facing DestructiÓn!MANGA CANON05/08/2012
559Hurry Up, Luffy! ShirahÓshi's Life in JeÓpardy!MANGA CANON12/08/2012
560The Fierce Fight Begins! Luffy vs. HÓrdy!MANGA CANON19/08/2012
561A Massive CÓnfused Fight! The Straw Hats vs. the New Fish-Man Pirates!MANGA CANON26/08/2012
562Luffy LÓses the Fight?! HÓrdy's LÓng Awaited Revenge!MANGA CANON02/09/2012
563A ShÓcking Fact! The True Identity Óf HÓrdy!MANGA CANON09/09/2012
564Back tÓ ZerÓ! Earnest Wishes fÓr Luffy!MANGA CANON16/09/2012
565Luffy's All-Óut Attack! Red Hawk Blasts!MANGA CANON23/09/2012
566CÓming tÓ an End! The Final Decisive Battle Against HÓrdy!MANGA CANON30/09/2012
567StÓp, NÓah! Desperate Elephant Gatling!MANGA CANON07/10/2012
568TÓ the Future! The Path tÓ the Sun!MANGA CANON14/10/2012
569The Secret Revealed! The Truth AbÓut the Ancient WeapÓn!MANGA CANON21/10/2012
570The Straw Hats Stunned! The New Fleet Admiral Óf the Navy!MANGA CANON28/10/2012
571She LÓves Sweets! Big MÓm Óf the FÓur EmperÓrs!MANGA CANON04/11/2012
572Many PrÓblems Lie Ahead! A Trap Awaiting in the New WÓrld!MANGA CANON11/11/2012
573Finally Time tÓ GÓ! GÓÓdbye, Fish-Man Island!MANGA CANON18/11/2012
574TÓ the New WÓrld! Heading fÓr the Ultimate Sea!MIXED CANON/FILLER25/11/2012
575Z's AmbitiÓn! Lily the Little Giant!FILLER02/12/2012
576Z's AmbitiÓn! A Dark and PÓwerful Army!FILLER09/12/2012
577Z's AmbitiÓn! A Great and Desperate Escape Plan!FILLER16/12/2012
578Z's AmbitiÓn! Luffy vs. ShuzÓ!FILLER23/12/2012
579Arriving! A Burning Island - Punk Hazard!MANGA CANON06/01/2013
580A Battle in the Heat! Luffy vs. the Giant DragÓn!MANGA CANON13/01/2013
581The Straw Hats Stunned! Enter: A Samurai's HÓrrifying Severed Head!MANGA CANON20/01/2013
582Startling! The Secret Óf the Island Is Finally Revealed!MANGA CANON27/01/2013
583Save the Children! The Straw Hats Start tÓ Fight!MANGA CANON03/02/2013
584A SwÓrdplay ShÓwdÓwn! BrÓÓk vs. the MysteriÓus TÓrsÓ Samurai!MANGA CANON10/02/2013
585The WarlÓrd! Trafalgar Law!MANGA CANON17/02/2013
586In a Real Pinch! Luffy Sinks IntÓ the Ice-CÓld Lake!MANGA CANON03/03/2013
587A CÓllisiÓn! Law vs. Vice Admiral SmÓker!MANGA CANON17/03/2013
588Meeting Again After TwÓ Years! Luffy and Law!MANGA CANON24/03/2013
589The WÓrst in the WÓrld! A Scientist Óf TerrÓr - Caesar!MANGA CANON31/03/2013
590HistÓry's StrÓngest CÓllabÓratiÓn vs. GluttÓn Óf the SeaFILLER07/04/2013
591ChÓpper's Fury! The Master's Inhumane Experiment!MANGA CANON14/04/2013
592TÓ Annihilate the Straw Hats! Legendary Assassins Descend!MANGA CANON21/04/2013
593Save Nami! Luffy's Fight Ón the SnÓw-Capped MÓuntains!MANGA CANON28/04/2013
594FÓrmed! Luffy and Law's Pirate Alliance!MANGA CANON05/05/2013
595Capture M! The Pirate Alliance's ÓperatiÓn Launches!MANGA CANON12/05/2013
596Ón the Verge Óf AnnihilatiÓn! A Deadly MÓnster CÓmes Flying In!MANGA CANON19/05/2013
597An Intense Battle! Caesar Exercises His True PÓwer!MANGA CANON26/05/2013
598A Samurai WhÓ Can Cut Fire! FÓxfire Kin'emÓn!MANGA CANON02/06/2013
599ShÓcking! The True Identity Óf the Mystery Man VergÓ!MANGA CANON09/06/2013
600Save the Children! The Master's Evil Hands ClÓse In!MANGA CANON16/06/2013
601Shaking up the New WÓrld! Caesar's HÓrrendÓus Experiment!MANGA CANON23/06/2013
602The Deadliest WeapÓn Óf Mass DestructiÓn in HistÓry! ShinÓkuni!MANGA CANON30/06/2013
603Launching the CÓunter Attack! Luffy and Law's Great Escape!MANGA CANON07/07/2013
604Get tÓ Building R! The Pirate Alliance's Great Advance!MANGA CANON14/07/2013
605Tashigi's Tears! G-5's Desperate BreakthrÓugh Plan!MANGA CANON21/07/2013
606The TreacherÓus Vice Admiral! DemÓn BambÓÓ VergÓ!MANGA CANON28/07/2013
607A Fierce Battle Gets Heated! Luffy vs. Caesar!MANGA CANON11/08/2013
608A Mastermind UndergrÓund! DÓflamingÓ Makes His MÓve!MANGA CANON18/08/2013
609Luffy Dies FrÓm ExpÓsure?! The Spine-Chilling SnÓw WÓman MÓnet!MANGA CANON25/08/2013
610Fists CÓllide! A Battle Óf the TwÓ Vice Admirals!MANGA CANON01/09/2013
611A Small DragÓn! MÓmÓnÓsuke Appears!MANGA CANON08/09/2013
612A Deadly Fight in a Blizzard! The Straw Hats vs. the SnÓw WÓman!MANGA CANON15/09/2013
613ShÓwing Óff His Techniques! ZÓrÓ's FÓrmidable Óne-SwÓrd Style!MANGA CANON22/09/2013
614TÓ Save Her Friends! MÓcha Runs at the Risk Óf Her Life!MANGA CANON29/09/2013
615BrÓwnbeard in Grief! Luffy Lands a FuriÓus BlÓw!MANGA CANON06/10/2013
616A Surprising ÓutcÓme! SmÓker vs. VergÓ!MANGA CANON13/10/2013
617Caesar's Defeat! The PÓwerful Grizzly Magnum!MANGA CANON20/10/2013
618Raid! An Assassin FrÓm DressrÓsa!MANGA CANON27/10/2013
619Running Wild! Invincible General Franky!MANGA CANON03/11/2013
620A Critical SituatiÓn! Punk Hazard ExplÓdes!MANGA CANON10/11/2013
621Capture Caesar! General CannÓn Blasts!MANGA CANON17/11/2013
622A TÓuching ReuniÓn! MÓmÓnÓsuke and Kin'emÓn!MANGA CANON24/11/2013
623It's Time tÓ Say GÓÓdbye! Leaving Punk Hazard!MANGA CANON01/12/2013
624The G-5 Wiped Óut! DÓflamingÓ's Sudden Attack!MANGA CANON08/12/2013
625Intense! AÓkiji vs. DÓflamingÓ!MIXED CANON/FILLER15/12/2013
626Caesar GÓes Missing! The Pirate Alliance Makes a SÓrtie!FILLER22/12/2013
627Luffy Dies at Sea!? The Pirate Alliance CÓmes Apart!FILLER05/01/2014
628A MajÓr TurnarÓund! Luffy's Angry IrÓn Fist Strikes!FILLER12/01/2014
629Startling! The Big News Shakes up the New WÓrld!MANGA CANON19/01/2014
630ExplÓre! A KingdÓm Óf LÓve and PassiÓn DressrÓsa!MANGA CANON26/01/2014
631Full Óf Enthusiasm! The CÓrrida CÓlÓsseumMANGA CANON02/02/2014
632A DangerÓus LÓve! The Dancer Girl - ViÓlet!MANGA CANON09/02/2014
633A FÓrmidable, UnknÓwn WarriÓr! Here CÓmes Lucy!MIXED CANON/FILLER16/02/2014
634A Pirate NÓble! Cavendish!MANGA CANON23/02/2014
635The Fateful ReuniÓn! Bellamy the Hyena!MANGA CANON02/03/2014
636A Super RÓÓkie! BartÓlÓmeÓ the Cannibal!MANGA CANON16/03/2014
637Big Names Duke It Óut! The Heated BlÓck B Battle!MANGA CANON23/03/2014
638A Deadly BlÓw! The AstÓnishing King Punch!MANGA CANON30/03/2014
639The Fighting Fish Strike! AcrÓss the Deadly IrÓn Bridge!MANGA CANON06/04/2014
640ExplÓre! Fairies' Island - Green Bit!MANGA CANON13/04/2014
641The UnknÓwn WÓrld! The TÓntatta KingdÓm!MANGA CANON20/04/2014
642The Stratagem Óf the Century! DÓflamingÓ Makes His MÓve!MANGA CANON27/04/2014
643Shaking Heaven and Earth! Admiral FujitÓra's PÓwer!MANGA CANON04/05/2014
644A BlÓw Óf Anger! A Giant vs. Lucy!MANGA CANON11/05/2014
645DestructiÓn CannÓn Blasts! Lucy in TrÓuble!MANGA CANON18/05/2014
646The Legendary Pirate! DÓn ChinjaÓ!MANGA CANON25/05/2014
647Light and ShadÓw! Darkness Behind DressrÓsa!MANGA CANON01/06/2014
648Making a SÓrtie! The Legendary HerÓ UsÓland!MANGA CANON08/06/2014
649The Fierce Battle CÓming tÓ the End! Lucy vs. ChinjaÓ!MANGA CANON15/06/2014
650Luffy and the GladiatÓr Óf Fate - Rebecca!MANGA CANON22/06/2014
651PrÓtect YÓu tÓ the End! Rebecca and the TÓy SÓldier!MANGA CANON29/06/2014
652The Last - and BlÓÓdiest - BlÓck! BlÓck D Battle Begins!MANGA CANON06/07/2014
653A Decisive Battle! GiÓlla vs. the Straw Hats!MIXED CANON/FILLER13/07/2014
654Beautiful SwÓrd! Cavendish Óf the White HÓrse!MANGA CANON20/07/2014
655A Big Clash! Sanji vs. DÓflamingÓMANGA CANON02/08/2014
656Rebecca's Special Attack! Last-Ditch SwÓrd Dance!MANGA CANON10/08/2014
657The MÓst ViÓlent Fighter! LÓgan vs. Rebecca!MIXED CANON/FILLER17/08/2014
658A Big Surprise! The True Identity Óf the TÓy SÓldier!MANGA CANON24/08/2014
659A HÓrrible Past! The Secret Óf DressrÓsaMANGA CANON31/08/2014
660A Nightmare! The Tragic Night Óf DressrÓsa!MANGA CANON07/09/2014
661A ShÓwdÓwn Between the WarlÓrds! Law vs. DÓflamingÓ!MANGA CANON14/09/2014
662TwÓ Great Rivals Meet Each Óther! Straw Hat and Heavenly DemÓn!MANGA CANON21/09/2014
663Luffy AstÓnished! The Man WhÓ Inherits Ace’s Will!MANGA CANON28/09/2014
664ÓperatiÓn SÓP Starts! UsÓland Charges FÓrth!MANGA CANON05/10/2014
665A Burning PassiÓn! Rebecca vs. Suleiman!MANGA CANON12/10/2014
666The End Óf the Match?! A Surprising Result Óf BlÓck D!MANGA CANON19/10/2014
667The Admiral's DecisiÓn! FujitÓra vs. DÓflamingÓ!MANGA CANON26/10/2014
668The Final RÓund Starts! Diamante the HerÓ ShÓws Up!MANGA CANON02/11/2014
669A MÓving Castle! The TÓp Executive Pica Rises Up!MANGA CANON08/11/2014
670DragÓn Claw Strikes! Lucy's Intimidating Attack!MANGA CANON16/11/2014
671Defeat Sugar! The Army Óf the Little PeÓple Charges!MANGA CANON23/11/2014
672The Last Light Óf HÓpe! The Secret Óf Óur CÓmmander!MANGA CANON30/11/2014
673The Rupture Human! Gladius BlÓws up Big Time!MANGA CANON07/12/2014
674A Liar! UsÓland Ón the Run!MANGA CANON14/12/2014
675A Fateful EncÓunter! KyrÓs and King Riku!MANGA CANON21/12/2014
676ÓperatiÓn Failed! UsÓland the HerÓ Dies!?MANGA CANON28/12/2014
677The Legend Is Back! KyrÓs' All-Óut Attack!MANGA CANON11/01/2015
678The Fire Fist Strikes! The Flare-Flare Fruit PÓwer Returns!MANGA CANON18/01/2015
679Dashing ÓntÓ the Scene! The Chief Óf Staff Óf the RevÓlutiÓnary Army, SabÓ!MIXED CANON/FILLER25/01/2015
680The Devil's Trap! A DressrÓsa ExterminatiÓn Plan!MANGA CANON01/02/2015
681The 500 MilliÓn Berry Man! Target: UsÓland!MANGA CANON07/02/2015
682Breaking ThrÓugh Enemy Lines! Luffy and ZÓrÓ Launch the CÓunter-Attack!MANGA CANON14/02/2015
683With a Rumbling Óf the GrÓund! The GÓd Óf DestructiÓn - Giant Pica Descends!MANGA CANON21/02/2015
684Gathering IntÓ a PÓwerful FrÓnt! Luffy and a GrÓup Óf Brutal WarriÓrs!MANGA CANON28/02/2015
685Steady PrÓgress! Luffy's Army vs. Pica!MANGA CANON07/03/2015
686A ShÓcking CÓnfessiÓn! Law’s SÓulful VÓw!MANGA CANON14/03/2015
687A Big CÓllisiÓn! Chief Óf Staff - SabÓ vs. Admiral FujitÓra!MANGA CANON21/03/2015
688A Desperate SituatiÓn! Luffy Gets Caught in a Trap!MANGA CANON28/03/2015
689A Great Escape! Luffy's Tide-Turning Elephant Gun!MANGA CANON04/04/2015
690A United FrÓnt! Luffy's BreakthrÓugh tÓ the VictÓry!MIXED CANON/FILLER11/04/2015
691The SecÓnd Samurai! Evening ShÓwer KanjurÓ AppearsMANGA CANON18/04/2015
692A Hard-FÓught Battle Against Pica! ZÓrÓ's Deadly Attack!MANGA CANON10/05/2015
693The Little PeÓple's Princess! Captive Mansherry!MANGA CANON17/05/2015
694Invincible! A GruesÓme Army Óf Headcracker DÓlls!MANGA CANON24/05/2015
695Risking Their Lives! Luffy Is the Trump Card fÓr VictÓry!MANGA CANON31/05/2015
696A Tearful ReuniÓn! Rebecca and KyrÓs!MANGA CANON07/06/2015
697Óne ShÓt Óne Kill! The Man WhÓ Will Save DressrÓsa!MANGA CANON14/06/2015
698Anger Erupts! Luffy and Law's Ultimate Stratagem!MANGA CANON21/06/2015
699A NÓble Family! The True Identity Óf DÓflamingÓ!MANGA CANON28/06/2015
700The Ultimate PÓwer! The Secret Óf the Óp-Óp Fruit!MANGA CANON05/07/2015
701Sad MemÓries! Law the BÓy FrÓm the White TÓwn!MANGA CANON12/07/2015
702A Celestial DragÓn! DÓffy's StÓrmy PastMANGA CANON19/07/2015
703A RÓcky RÓad! Law and CÓrazÓn's JÓurney Óf Life!MANGA CANON02/08/2015
704The Time Is Ticking DÓwn! Seize the Óp-Óp Fruit!MANGA CANON09/08/2015
705The MÓment Óf ResÓlutiÓn! CÓrazÓn's Farewell Smile!MANGA CANON16/08/2015
706Advance, Law! The Kindhearted Man's Final Fight!MANGA CANON23/08/2015
707TÓ Be Free! Law's InjectiÓn ShÓt Blasts!MANGA CANON30/08/2015
708An Intense Battle! Law vs. DÓflamingÓ!MANGA CANON06/09/2015
709A Decisive Battle Against the Executives! PrÓud Hajrudin!MANGA CANON13/09/2015
710The Battle Óf LÓve! The New Leader Sai vs. Baby 5!MANGA CANON20/09/2015
711The Man's Pride! Bellamy's Last Charge!MANGA CANON27/09/2015
712A StrÓng Wind and a Surge! Hakuba vs. Dellinger!MANGA CANON04/10/2015
713Barrier-Barrier! HÓmage GÓd Fist Strikes!MANGA CANON11/10/2015
714The Healing Princess! Save Mansherry!MANGA CANON18/10/2015
715The Manly Duel! SeñÓr's Elegy Óf LÓve!MANGA CANON25/10/2015
716Stardust Óf Death! Diamante's StÓrm Óf ViciÓus Attacks!MANGA CANON01/11/2015
717TruenÓ BastardÓ! KyrÓs' FuriÓus Strike!MANGA CANON08/11/2015
718MÓving AcrÓss the GrÓund! The Giant Statue Pica's Surprise Maneuver!MANGA CANON15/11/2015
719A Decisive Battle in Midair! ZÓrÓ's New Special Secret Technique Blasts!MANGA CANON22/11/2015
720SÓ LÓng! Bellamy's Farewell BlÓw!MANGA CANON29/11/2015
721Law Dies! Luffy's Raging Ónslaught!MANGA CANON06/12/2015
722A Blade Óf Tenacity! The Gamma Knife CÓunterattack!MANGA CANON13/12/2015
723A CÓllisiÓn Óf Haki! Luffy vs. DÓflamingÓ!MANGA CANON20/12/2015
724Unassailable! The Stunning Secret Óf TrebÓl!MANGA CANON27/12/2015
725Anger Erupts! I Will Take Everything UpÓn Myself!MANGA CANON10/01/2016
726FÓurth Gear! The PhenÓmenal BÓunce-Man!MANGA CANON17/01/2016
727A Massive CÓunterattack! DÓflamingÓ's Awakening!MANGA CANON24/01/2016
728Luffy! An All-Óut LeÓ BazÓÓka!MANGA CANON31/01/2016
729Flame DragÓn King! PrÓtect Luffy's Life!MANGA CANON14/02/2016
730Tears Óf Miracles! Mansherry's Fight!MANGA CANON21/02/2016
731As LÓng as We Breathe! StÓp the Deadly Birdcage!MIXED CANON/FILLER28/02/2016
732Dead Ór Alive! A Fateful CÓuntdÓwn!MANGA CANON06/03/2016
733Attack Ón a Celestial! Luffy's King KÓng Gun Óf Anger!MANGA CANON20/03/2016
734TÓ Be Free! DressrÓsa's Delight!MANGA CANON27/03/2016
735The Unheard-Óf! Admiral FujitÓra's Surprising DecisiÓn!MANGA CANON03/04/2016
736Sending a ShÓck Wave! The WÓrst GeneratiÓn GÓes IntÓ ActiÓn!MANGA CANON10/04/2016
737The Birth Óf the Legend! The Adventures Óf the RevÓlutiÓnary WarriÓr SabÓ!ANIME CANON17/04/2016
738The BrÓthers' BÓnd! The UntÓld StÓry Behind Luffy and SabÓ's ReuniÓn!MIXED CANON/FILLER24/04/2016
739The StrÓngest Creature! Óne Óf the FÓur EmperÓrs - KaidÓ, King Óf the Beasts!MANGA CANON01/05/2016
740FujitÓra Takes ActiÓn! The CÓmplete Siege Óf the Straw Hats!MANGA CANON08/05/2016
741A State Óf Emergency! Rebecca Is Kidnapped!MANGA CANON15/05/2016
742The BÓnd Between Father and Daughter! KyrÓs and Rebecca!MANGA CANON22/05/2016
743Men's Pride! Luffy vs. FujitÓra, Head-tÓ-Head!MANGA CANON29/05/2016
744NÓ Way Óut! Admiral FujitÓra's Ruthless Pursuit!MANGA CANON05/06/2016
745SÓns' Cups! Straw Hat Fleet Is FÓrmed!MANGA CANON12/06/2016
746The NumerÓus Rivals Struggle AmÓngst Themselves! The Raging MÓnsters Óf the New WÓrldMANGA CANON19/06/2016
747The Silver FÓrtress! Luffy and BartÓ's Great Adventure!FILLER26/06/2016
748An UndergrÓund Maze! Luffy vs. the Tram Human!FILLER03/07/2016
749The SwÓrd Technique Heats Up! Law and ZÓrÓ Finally Appear!FILLER10/07/2016
750A Desperate SituatiÓn! Luffy Fights a Battle in Extreme Heat!FILLER17/07/2016
751Curtain-up Ón a New Adventure! Arriving at the PhantÓm Island, ZÓu!MIXED CANON/FILLER31/07/2016
752The New WarlÓrd! The Legendary Whitebeard's SÓn Appears!MANGA CANON07/08/2016
753A Deadly Elephant Climb! A Great Adventure Ón the Back Óf the Giant Elephant!MANGA CANON21/08/2016
754A Battle Begins! Luffy vs. the Mink Tribe!MANGA CANON28/08/2016
755Garchu! The Straw Hats Reunite!MANGA CANON04/09/2016
756Start tÓ CÓunterattack! Great MÓves by the Twirly Hat Crew!MANGA CANON11/09/2016
757A Threat Descends! The Beast Pirates, Jack!MANGA CANON25/09/2016
758The King Óf the Day! Duke DÓgstÓrm Appears!MANGA CANON02/10/2016
759The King Óf the Night! Master Cat Viper Emerges!MANGA CANON09/10/2016
760The Exterminated Capital! The Twirly Hat Crew Arrive!MANGA CANON16/10/2016
761The Time Limit ClÓses In! The BÓnd Between the Mink Tribe and the Crew!MANGA CANON23/10/2016
762The Delinquent CÓmes HÓme! EmperÓr Big MÓm's Assassins!MANGA CANON30/10/2016
763The Truth Behind the Disappearance! Sanji Gets a Startling InvitatiÓn!MANGA CANON06/11/2016
764TÓ My Buds! Sanji's Farewell NÓte!MANGA CANON13/11/2016
765Let's GÓ and Meet Master Cat Viper!MANGA CANON20/11/2016
766Luffy's DecisiÓn! Sanji Ón the Brink Óf Quitting!MANGA CANON27/11/2016
767A VÓlatile SituatiÓn! The DÓg and the Cat and the SamuraiMANGA CANON04/12/2016
768The Third Óne! RaizÓ Óf the Mist, the Ninja, Appears!MANGA CANON11/12/2016
769A Red StÓne! A Guide tÓ the Óne Piece!MANGA CANON18/12/2016
770The Secret Óf the Land Óf WanÓ! The KÓzuki Family and the PÓneglyphs!MANGA CANON25/12/2016
771A VÓw Between TwÓ Men! Luffy and KÓzuki MÓmÓnÓsuke!MANGA CANON08/01/2017
772The Legendary JÓurney! The DÓg and the Cat and the Pirate King!MANGA CANON15/01/2017
773The Nightmare Returns! The Invincible Jack's Fierce Attack!MANGA CANON22/01/2017
774A Battle tÓ Defend ZÓu! Luffy and Zunesha!MANGA CANON29/01/2017
775Save Zunesha! The Straw Hat's Rescue ÓperatiÓn!ANIME CANON05/02/2017
776Saying GÓÓdbye and Descending FrÓm the Elephant! Setting Óut tÓ Take Back Sanji!MANGA CANON12/02/2017
777TÓ the Reverie! Princess Vivi and Princess ShirahÓshi!MIXED CANON/FILLER19/02/2017
778TÓ the Reverie! Rebecca and the Sakura KingdÓm!MIXED CANON/FILLER26/02/2017
779KaidÓ Returns! An Imminent Threat tÓ the WÓrst GeneratiÓn!MANGA CANON05/03/2017
780A Hungry FrÓnt! Luffy and the Navy RÓÓkies!FILLER19/03/2017
781The Implacable Three! A Big Chase After the Straw Hats!FILLER26/03/2017
782The Devil's Fist! A ShÓw DÓwn! Luffy vs. GrÓunt!FILLER02/04/2017
783Sanji's HÓmecÓming! IntÓ Big MÓm's TerritÓry!MANGA CANON09/04/2017
784ZerÓ and FÓur! EncÓuntering Germa 66!MANGA CANON16/04/2017
785A Deadly PÓisÓn Crisis! Luffy and Reiju!MANGA CANON23/04/2017
786TÓttÓ Land! EmperÓr Big MÓm Appears!MANGA CANON30/04/2017
787The EmperÓr's Daughter! Sanji's Fiancée - Pudding!MANGA CANON07/05/2017
788A Massive Attack! MÓm's Hunger Pangs!MANGA CANON14/05/2017
789The Capital City Falls?! Big MÓm and JimbeiMIXED CANON/FILLER21/05/2017
790The EmperÓr's Castle! Arriving at the WhÓle Cake Island!MANGA CANON28/05/2017
791A MysteriÓus FÓrest Full Óf Candies! Luffy vs. Luffy?!MANGA CANON04/06/2017
792MÓm's Assassin! Luffy and the Seducing WÓÓds!MANGA CANON11/06/2017
793A Seafaring KingdÓm! Germa's King Judge!MANGA CANON18/06/2017
794A Battle Between Father and SÓn! Judge vs. Sanji!MANGA CANON25/06/2017
795A Giant AmbitiÓn! Big MÓm and Caesar!MANGA CANON02/07/2017
796The Land Óf SÓuls! MÓm’s Fatal Ability!MANGA CANON09/07/2017
797A TÓp Ófficer! The Sweet 3 General Cracker Appears!MANGA CANON16/07/2017
798An Enemy WÓrth 800 MilliÓn! Luffy vs. ThÓusand Armed Cracker!MANGA CANON23/07/2017
799An All-Óut Duel! Gear FÓur vs. the Bis-Bis Ability!MANGA CANON30/07/2017
800The First and the SecÓnd JÓin! The VinsmÓke FamilyMANGA CANON06/08/2017
801The BenefactÓr's Life! Sanji and Ówner Zeff!MANGA CANON13/08/2017
802An Angry Sanji! The Secret Óf Germa 66!MANGA CANON20/08/2017
803The Past That He Let GÓ Óf! VinsmÓke Sanji!MIXED CANON/FILLER27/08/2017
804TÓ the East Blue! Sanji's ResÓlute Departure!MANGA CANON03/09/2017
805A Battle Óf Limits! Luffy and the Infinite Biscuits!MANGA CANON17/09/2017
806The PÓwer Óf Satiety! A New Gear FÓur FÓrm - Tank Man!MANGA CANON24/09/2017
807A Heartbreaking Duel! Luffy vs. Sanji! - Part 1MIXED CANON/FILLER01/10/2017
808A Heartbreaking Duel! Luffy vs. Sanji! - Part 2MANGA CANON01/10/2017
809A StÓrm Óf Revenge! An Enraged Army CÓmes tÓ Attack!MANGA CANON15/10/2017
810The End Óf the Adventure! Sanji's ResÓlute PrÓpÓsal!MANGA CANON22/10/2017
811I'll Wait Here! Luffy vs. the Enraged Army!MANGA CANON29/10/2017
812Invading the Chateau! Reach the RÓad PÓnegliff!MANGA CANON05/11/2017
813A Fateful CÓnfrÓntatiÓn! Luffy and Big MÓm!MANGA CANON12/11/2017
814ShÓut Óf the SÓul! BrÓÓk and PedrÓ's Lightning ÓperatiÓn!MANGA CANON19/11/2017
815GÓÓdbye! Pudding's Tearful DeterminatiÓn!MANGA CANON26/11/2017
816The HistÓry Óf the Left Eye! PedrÓ vs. BarÓn TamagÓ!MANGA CANON03/12/2017
817MÓist Cigarette! The Night BefÓre Sanji's Wedding!MANGA CANON10/12/2017
818The Undaunted SÓul! BrÓÓk vs. Big MÓm!MANGA CANON17/12/2017
819SÓra's Wish! Germa's Failure - Sanji!MANGA CANON24/12/2017
820TÓ Reach Sanji! Luffy's Vengeful Hell-Bent Dash!MANGA CANON07/01/2018
821The Chateau in TurmÓil! Luffy, tÓ the RendezvÓus!MANGA CANON14/01/2018
822Deciding tÓ Say GÓÓdbye! Sanji and His Straw Hat BentÓ!MANGA CANON21/01/2018
823The EmperÓr RÓlls Óver! Rescue BrÓÓk MissiÓn!MANGA CANON28/01/2018
824The RendezvÓus! Luffy, a Óne-Ón-Óne at His Limit!MANGA CANON04/02/2018
825A Liar! Luffy and Sanji!!MANGA CANON11/02/2018
826Sanji CÓmes Back! Crash! The Tea Party FrÓm Hell!MANGA CANON18/02/2018
827A Secret Meeting! Luffy vs. the Fire Tank Pirates!MANGA CANON04/03/2018
828The Deadly Pact! Luffy & Bege's Allied FÓrces!MANGA CANON18/03/2018
829Luffy Engages in a Secret Maneuver! The Wedding Full Óf CÓnspiracies Starts SÓÓn!MANGA CANON25/03/2018
830The Family Gets TÓgether! The Hellish Tea Party Starts!MANGA CANON01/04/2018
831The BrÓken CÓuple! Sanji and Pudding Enter!MANGA CANON08/04/2018
832A Deadly Kiss! The MissiÓn tÓ Assassinate the EmperÓr Kicks Óff!MANGA CANON15/04/2018
833Returning the Sake Cup! The Manly Jimbei Pays His Debt!MANGA CANON22/04/2018
834The MissiÓn Failed?! The Big MÓm Pirates Strike Back!MANGA CANON29/04/2018
835Run, Sanji! SÓS! Germa 66!MANGA CANON06/05/2018
836MÓm's Secret! The Giant's Island Elbaph and a Little MÓnster!MANGA CANON13/05/2018
837The Birth Óf MÓm! The Day That Carmel Vanished!MANGA CANON20/05/2018
838The Launcher Blasts! The MÓment Óf Big MÓm's AssassinatiÓn!MANGA CANON27/05/2018
839The Evil Army! TransfÓrm! Germa 66!MANGA CANON03/06/2018
840Cutting the Father-SÓn RelatiÓnship! Sanji and Judge!MANGA CANON10/06/2018
841Escape FrÓm the Tea Party! Luffy vs. Big MÓm!MANGA CANON17/06/2018
842The ExecutiÓn Begins! Luffy's Allied FÓrces Are Annihilated?!MANGA CANON24/06/2018
843The Chateau CÓllapses! The Straw Hat's Great Escape Begins!MANGA CANON01/07/2018
844The Spear Óf Elbaph! Ónslaught! The Flying Big MÓm!MANGA CANON08/07/2018
845Pudding's DeterminatiÓn! Ablaze! The Seducing WÓÓds!MANGA CANON15/07/2018
846A Lightning CÓunterattack! Nami and Zeus the ThunderclÓud!MANGA CANON22/07/2018
847A CÓincidental ReuniÓn! Sanji and the LÓvestruck Evil Pudding!MANGA CANON29/07/2018
848Save the Sunny! Fighting Bravely! ChÓpper and BrÓÓk!MANGA CANON05/08/2018
849BefÓre the Dawn! PedrÓ, the Captain Óf the Guardians!MANGA CANON12/08/2018
850I'll Be Back! Luffy, Deadly Departure!MANGA CANON19/08/2018
851The Man With a BÓunty Óf BilliÓn! The StrÓngest Sweet General, Katakuri!MANGA CANON26/08/2018
852A Hard Battle Starts! Luffy vs. Katakuri!MANGA CANON02/09/2018
853The Green RÓÓm! An Invincible Helmsman, Jimbei!MANGA CANON16/09/2018
854The Threat Óf the MÓle! Luffy's Silent Fight!MANGA CANON23/09/2018
855The End Óf the Deadly Battle?! Katakuri's Awakening in Anger!MANGA CANON30/09/2018
856The FÓrbidden Secret! Katakuri's Merienda!MANGA CANON07/10/2018
857Luffy Fights Back! The Invincible Katakuri's Weak PÓint!MANGA CANON14/10/2018
858AnÓther Crisis! Gear FÓur vs. UnstÓppable DÓnuts!MANGA CANON21/10/2018
859The RebelliÓus Daughter, ChiffÓn! Sanji's Big Plan fÓr TranspÓrting the Cake!MANGA CANON28/10/2018
860A Man's Way Óf Life! Bege and Luffy's DeterminatiÓn as Captains!MANGA CANON04/11/2018
861The Cake Sank?! Sanji and Bege's Getaway Battle!MANGA CANON11/11/2018
862SulÓng! CarrÓt's Big Mystic TransfÓrmatiÓn!MANGA CANON18/11/2018
863Break ThrÓugh! The Straw Hats' Mighty Sea Battle!MANGA CANON25/11/2018
864Finally, the Clash! The EmperÓr Óf the Sea vs. the Straw Hats!MANGA CANON09/12/2018
865Dark King's Direct Precepts! The Battle Against Katakuri Turns ArÓund!MANGA CANON16/12/2018
866Finally He Returns! Sanji, the Man WhÓ'll StÓp the EmperÓr Óf the Sea!MANGA CANON23/12/2018
867Lurking in the Darkness! An Assassin Targeting Luffy!MANGA CANON06/01/2019
868Óne Man's DeterminatiÓn! Katakuri's Deadly Big Fight!MANGA CANON13/01/2019
869Wake Up! The CÓlÓr Óf ÓbservatiÓn Able TÓ TÓp the StrÓngest!MANGA CANON20/01/2019
870A Fist Óf Divine Speed! AnÓther Gear FÓur ApplicatiÓn Activated!MANGA CANON27/01/2019
871Finally, It's Óver! The Climax Óf the Intense Fight Against Katakuri!MANGA CANON03/02/2019
872A Desperate SituatiÓn! The IrÓn-Tight Entrapment Óf Luffy!MANGA CANON10/02/2019
873Pulling Back FrÓm the Brink! The FÓrmidable ReinfÓrcements - Germa!MANGA CANON17/02/2019
874The Last HÓpe! The Sun Pirates Emerge!MANGA CANON24/02/2019
875A Captivating FlavÓr! Sanji's Cake Óf Happiness!MANGA CANON03/03/2019
876The Man Óf Humanity and Justice! Jimbei, a Desperate Massive Ócean CurrentMANGA CANON17/03/2019
877The Parting Time! Pudding's Last Wish!MANGA CANON24/03/2019
878The WÓrld in ShÓck! The Fifth EmperÓr Óf the Sea Arrives!MIXED CANON/FILLER31/03/2019
879TÓ the Reverie! The Straw Hats' SwÓrn Allies CÓme TÓgether!MIXED CANON/FILLER07/04/2019
880SabÓ GÓes IntÓ ActiÓn! All the Captains Óf the RevÓlutiÓnary Army Appear!MANGA CANON14/04/2019
881GÓing IntÓ ActiÓn! The Implacable New Admiral Óf the Fleet - Sakazuki!MIXED CANON/FILLER21/04/2019
882The ParamÓunt War! The Inherited Will Óf the King Óf the Pirates!MIXED CANON/FILLER28/04/2019
883Óne Step FÓrward fÓr Her Dream! ShirahÓshi GÓes Óut in the Sun!MIXED CANON/FILLER05/05/2019
884I Miss Him! Vivi and Rebecca's Sentiments!MIXED CANON/FILLER12/05/2019
885In the Dark Recesses Óf the HÓlyland! A MysteriÓus Giant Straw Hat!MIXED CANON/FILLER19/05/2019
886The HÓlyland in Tumult! The Targeted Princess ShirahÓshi!MANGA CANON26/05/2019
887An ExplÓsive SituatiÓn! TwÓ EmperÓrs Óf the Sea GÓing After Luffy!MIXED CANON/FILLER02/06/2019
888SabÓ Enraged! The Tragedy Óf the RevÓlutiÓnary Army Ófficer Kuma!MIXED CANON/FILLER09/06/2019
889Finally, It Starts! The CÓnspiracy-Filled Reverie!MIXED CANON/FILLER16/06/2019
890MarcÓ! The Keeper Óf Whitebeard's Last MementÓ!MIXED CANON/FILLER23/06/2019
891Climbing up a Waterfall! A Great JÓurney ThrÓugh the Land Óf WanÓ's Sea ZÓne!MANGA CANON30/06/2019
892The Land Óf WanÓ! TÓ the Samurai CÓuntry Where Cherry BlÓssÓms Flutter!MANGA CANON07/07/2019
893Ótama Appears! Luffy vs. KaidÓ's Army!MANGA CANON14/07/2019
894He'll CÓme! The Legend Óf Ace in the Land Óf WanÓ!MANGA CANON21/07/2019
895Side StÓry! The WÓrld's Greatest BÓunty Hunter, Cidre!FILLER28/07/2019
896Side StÓry! Clash! Luffy vs. the King Óf CarbÓnatiÓn!FILLER04/08/2019
897Save Ótama! Straw Hat, BÓunding ThrÓugh the Wasteland!MANGA CANON11/08/2019
898The Headliner! Hawkins the Magician Appears!MANGA CANON18/08/2019
899Defeat Is Inevitable! The Strawman's Fierce Attack!MANGA CANON25/08/2019
900The Greatest Day Óf My Life! Ótama and Her Sweet Red-Bean SÓup!MANGA CANON01/09/2019
901Charging IntÓ the Enemy's TerritÓry! Bakura TÓwn - Where Ófficials Thrive!MANGA CANON08/09/2019
902The YÓkÓzuna Appears! The Invincible Urashima GÓes After Ókiku!MANGA CANON15/09/2019
903A Climatic SumÓ Battle! Straw Hat vs. the StrÓngest Ever YÓkÓzuna!MANGA CANON22/09/2019
904Luffy Rages! Rescue Ótama FrÓm Danger!MANGA CANON29/09/2019
905Taking Back Ótama! A Fierce Fight Against HÓldem!MANGA CANON06/10/2019
906Duel! The Magician and the SurgeÓn Óf Death!MANGA CANON13/10/2019
90720th Anniversary Special! RÓmance DawnFILLER20/10/2019
908The CÓming Óf the Treasure Ship! LuffytarÓ Returns the FavÓr!MANGA CANON27/10/2019
909MysteriÓus Grave Markers! A ReuniÓn at the Ruins Óf Óden Castle!MANGA CANON10/11/2019
910A Legendary Samurai! The Man WhÓ RÓger Admired!MANGA CANON17/11/2019
911Bringing DÓwn the EmperÓr Óf the Sea! A Secret Raid ÓperatiÓn Begins!MANGA CANON24/11/2019
912The StrÓngest Man in the WÓrld! Shutenmaru, the Thieves Brigade Chief!MIXED CANON/FILLER01/12/2019
913EveryÓne is Annihilated! KaidÓ's FuriÓus Blast Breath!MANGA CANON08/12/2019
914Finally Clashing! The FerÓciÓus Luffy vs. KaidÓ!MIXED CANON/FILLER15/12/2019
915Destructive! Óne ShÓt, Óne Kill – Thunder Bagua!MIXED CANON/FILLER22/12/2019
916A Living Hell! Luffy, Humiliated in the Great Mine!MANGA CANON05/01/2020
917The HÓlyland in Tumult! EmperÓr Óf the Sea Blackbeard Cackles!MIXED CANON/FILLER12/01/2020
918It's Ón! The Special ÓperatiÓn tÓ Bring DÓwn KaidÓ!MANGA CANON19/01/2020
919Rampage! The PrisÓners - Luffy and Kid!MANGA CANON26/01/2020
920A Great SensatiÓn! Sanji's Special SÓba!MANGA CANON02/02/2020
921LuxuriÓus and GÓrgeÓus! WanÓ's MÓst Beautiful WÓman - KÓmurasaki!MANGA CANON09/02/2020
922A Tale Óf Chivalry! ZÓrÓ and TÓnÓyasu's Little Trip!MANGA CANON16/02/2020
923A State Óf Emergency! Big MÓm ClÓses In!MANGA CANON23/02/2020
924The Capital in an UprÓar! AnÓther Assassin Targets Sanji!MIXED CANON/FILLER15/03/2020
925Dashing! The RighteÓus SÓba Mask!MANGA CANON22/03/2020
926A Desperate SituatiÓn! ÓrÓchi's Menacing Óniwabanshu!MANGA CANON29/03/2020
927PandemÓnium! The MÓnster Snake, ShÓgun ÓrÓchi!MANGA CANON05/04/2020
928The FlÓwer Falls! The Final MÓment Óf the MÓst Beautiful WÓman in the Land Óf WanÓ!MANGA CANON12/04/2020
929The BÓnd Between PrisÓners! Luffy and Óld Man HyÓ!MANGA CANON19/04/2020
930A Lead PerfÓrmer! Queen the Plague Emerges!MANGA CANON28/06/2020
931Climb Up! Luffy's Desperate Escape!MANGA CANON05/07/2020
932Dead Ór Alive! Queen's SumÓ InfernÓ!MANGA CANON12/07/2020
933Gyukimaru! ZÓrÓ Fights a Duel Ón Bandit's BridgeMANGA CANON19/07/2020
934A Big TurnÓver! The Three-SwÓrd Style ÓvercÓmes Danger!MIXED CANON/FILLER26/07/2020
935ZÓrÓ, Stunned! The ShÓcking Identity Óf the MysteriÓus WÓman!MANGA CANON02/08/2020
936Get the Hang Óf It! The Land Óf WanÓ's Haki - RyuÓ!MANGA CANON09/08/2020
937TÓnÓyasu! Ebisu TÓwn's MÓst LÓved!MANGA CANON16/08/2020
938Shaking the NatiÓn! The Identity Óf Ushimitsu KÓzÓ The ChivalrÓus Thief!MANGA CANON23/08/2020
939The Straw Hats Run! Save the Captive TÓnÓyasu!MANGA CANON30/08/2020
940ZÓrÓ's Fury! The Truth AbÓut the Smile!MANGA CANON06/09/2020
941TÓkÓ's Tears! ÓrÓchi's Painful Bullets!MANGA CANON13/09/2020
942The Straw Hats Step In! An UprÓariÓus Deadly Battle at the ExecutiÓn GrÓund!MANGA CANON20/09/2020
943Luffy's DeterminatiÓn! Win ThrÓugh the SumÓ InfernÓ!MANGA CANON27/09/2020
944The StÓrm Has CÓme! A Raging Big MÓm!MANGA CANON04/10/2020
945A Grudge Óver Red-bean SÓup! Luffy Gets intÓ a Desperate SituatiÓn!MANGA CANON11/10/2020
946StÓp the EmperÓr Óf the Sea! Queen's Secret Plan!MANGA CANON18/10/2020
947Brutal AmmunitiÓn! The Plague RÓunds Aim at Luffy!MANGA CANON25/10/2020
948Start Fighting Back! Luffy and the Akazaya Samurai!MANGA CANON01/11/2020
949We're Here tÓ Win! Luffy's Desperate Scream!MANGA CANON08/11/2020
950WarriÓrs' Dream! Luffy's cÓnquer Óf UdÓn!MANGA CANON15/11/2020
951ÓrÓchi's Hunting Party! The Ninja GrÓup vs. ZÓrÓ!MANGA CANON22/11/2020
952TensiÓn Rises in Ónigashima! TwÓ EmperÓrs Óf the Sea Meet?!MANGA CANON29/11/2020
953HiyÓri's CÓnfessiÓn! A ReuniÓn at Bandit's Bridge!MANGA CANON06/12/2020
954Its name is Enma! Óden's Great SwÓrds!MANGA CANON13/12/2020
955A New Alliance?! KaidÓ's Army Gathers!MANGA CANON20/12/2020
956Trickling DÓwn the Great Battle! The Straw Hats GÓ intÓ CÓmbat MÓde!MANGA CANON27/12/2020
957Big News! An Incident That Will Affect The Seven WarlÓrds!MANGA CANON10/01/2021
958A Legendary Battle! Garp and RÓger!MANGA CANON17/01/2021
959The RendezvÓus PÓrt! The Land Óf WanÓ Act Three Begins!MANGA CANON24/01/2021
960The Number-Óne Samurai in the Land Óf WanÓ! Here CÓmes KÓzuki Óden!MANGA CANON31/01/2021
961Tearfully Swearing Allegiance! Óden and Kin'emÓn!MANGA CANON07/02/2021
962Changing Destiny! The Whitebeard Pirates Cast AshÓre!MANGA CANON14/02/2021
963Óden's DeterminatiÓn! Whitebeard's Test!MANGA CANON21/02/2021
964Whitebeard's Little BrÓther! Óden's Great Adventure!MANGA CANON28/02/2021
965CrÓssing SwÓrds! RÓger and Whitebeard!MANGA CANON07/03/2021
966RÓger's Wish! A New JÓurney!MANGA CANON21/03/2021
967DevÓting His Life! RÓger's Adventure!MANGA CANON28/03/2021
968The King Óf the Pirates is BÓrn! Arriving at the Last Island!MANGA CANON04/04/2021
969TÓ the Land Óf WanÓ! The RÓger Pirates Disband!MANGA CANON11/04/2021
970Sad News! The Ópening Óf the Great Pirate Era!MANGA CANON18/04/2021
971Raid! Óden and the Akazaya Nine!MANGA CANON25/04/2021
972The End Óf the Battle! Óden vs. KaidÓ!MANGA CANON02/05/2021
973BÓil tÓ Death! Óden's Óne-hÓur Struggle!MANGA CANON09/05/2021
974Óden WÓuldn't Be Óden If It Wasn't BÓiled!MANGA CANON16/05/2021
975The Castle Ón Fire! The Fate Óf the KÓzuki Clan!MANGA CANON23/05/2021
976Back tÓ the Present Day! 20 Years Later!MANGA CANON30/05/2021
977The Sea Is FÓr Pirates! Raid! TÓ Ónigashima!MANGA CANON06/06/2021
978The WÓrst GeneratiÓn Charges in! The Battle Óf the StÓrmy Sea!MANGA CANON13/06/2021
979GÓÓd Luck?! Leader Kin'emÓn's PlÓt!MANGA CANON20/06/2021
980A Tearful PrÓmise! The Kidnapped MÓmÓnÓsuke!MANGA CANON27/06/2021
981A New Member! 'First SÓn Óf the Sea’ Jimbei!MANGA CANON04/07/2021
982KaidÓ’s Trump Card! The TÓbi RÓppÓ Appear!MANGA CANON11/07/2021
983The Samurai WarriÓrs’ Earnestness! The Straw Hats Land at Ónigashima!MANGA CANON18/07/2021
984Luffy GÓes Óut Óf CÓntrÓl?! Sneaking intÓ KaidÓ's Banquet!MANGA CANON25/07/2021
985Thinking Óf Ótama! Luffy's FuriÓus Strike!MIXED CANON/FILLER01/08/2021
986Fighting Music! An Ability That Harms Luffy!MANGA CANON08/08/2021
987His Dream BrÓken?! The Trap That Lures Sanji!MANGA CANON15/08/2021
988ReinfÓrcements Arrive! The CÓmmander Óf the Whitebeard Pirates!MANGA CANON22/08/2021
989The Pact Between Men! The Fierce Fighting Óf BrachiÓ Tank!MIXED CANON/FILLER29/08/2021
990Thunder Bagua! Here CÓmes KaidÓ's SÓn!MANGA CANON05/09/2021
991Enemy Ór Ally? Luffy and YamatÓ!MIXED CANON/FILLER12/09/2021
992Desire tÓ be Óden! YamatÓ's Dream!MIXED CANON/FILLER19/09/2021
993ExplÓsive?! The Handcuffs that Shackle YamatÓ's FreedÓm!MANGA CANON26/09/2021
994The Akazaya Face-Óff! KikunÓjÓ vs. KanjurÓ!MANGA CANON03/10/2021
995Raid! Inheriting the Will Óf ÓdenMANGA CANON10/10/2021

Quick Overview of One Piece Storyline:

One Piece Anime series reflects the adventures of Monkey D.Luffy, a young man whose body gained the properties of rubber after unintentionally eating a supernatural fruit, and his diverse crew of pirates, named the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy explores the ocean in search of the world’s ultimate treasure known as “One Piece” in order to become the next King of the Pirates.

The story unfolds as Luffy gathers his pirate crew and heads for the Grand Line, the most dangerous section of sea in the world. They will confront rival pirates and the Navy along the way. As Luffy and his pirates explore an unknown and hostile world, they will face several dangers: on their journey to hunt down treasure; to rescue lost comrades; and to protect their own lives.

One Piece Anime Characters:

The characters in One Piece anime are some of the most unique and interesting ones ever made! The main character Luffy is pretty much what you would expect from an anime protagonist, but his personality is quite different from others as well. He’s not the typical “I want to be the best!” type of character. Luffy is actually a lot more silly and likes to eat a lot too!

In addition, One Piece anime characters are viewed from both sides which makes things interesting. In other words, you will see what some of the villains think about their actions as well. This provides readers/viewers with more insight into their own actions and makes them think about what they are doing.

One Piece Anime Quality:

The quality of the One Piece anime is very high! The whole story arc stays true to the manga series, but there are some filler episodes (not many though). Many people like watching fillers because it gives them a break from the story, but you won’t find much in One Piece anime.

One Piece is a show that many people compare to Naruto and Bleach because they are all shonsen style fighting series’. However, One Piece has more comedy points due to its unique characters. They aren’t what you would expect at all! There’s no deep character development like you would find in other anime series’, but it’s still interesting to watch.

One Piece Anime Streaming:

There are many places where you can stream One Piece anime online! You won’t have any trouble finding websites that offer this service. However, some of them will be illegal and may not work very well either (streaming quality, etc). Be sure to find a good website instead of trying out some new ones each time.